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Lilith Drags Jenn Lyon AKA Esther Finch To The Hell In The Dead Boy Detectives

Jenn Lyon plays Esther Finch, the vivacious yet cunning witch who often gets on the nerves of Edwin and Charles in the supernatural spy genre drama Dead Boy Detectives.

The series follows two ghouls, Edwin and Charles, on an expedition to solve supernatural mysteries and dream to settle in the afterlife next.


  • Esther Flinch made a deal with goddess Lillith for eternal life, but the only thing she would have to sacrifice is her youth
  • When the trio- Crystal, Charles, and Edwin moves to rescue the young girl, Finch unexpectedly returns home, putting them in grave trouble.
  • Esther was robust and gorgeous, but her life took a terrible turn when her husband cheated on her. Heartbroken and angry, she turned to dark magic for revenge.

It was supposed to be a spinoff of “Doom Patrol,” but now the supernatural thriller series is based on Neil Gaiman’s famous comics and is in the same world as “The Sandman” on Netflix.

Meanwhile, Dead Boy Detectives is a bit lighter and funnier than “The Sandman,” featuring witches, demons, and even a Cat King.

Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers

Crystal Spills The Beans Of Esther Finch To Lillith

Esther Finch, a witch who strikes a pact with Lilith for eternal life, has a grim twist in her deal—her beauty fades with time.

Yet, she refuses to surrender to decay, resorting to the sinister ploy of kidnapping the young girls and feeding them to a giant snake to maintain her allure.

Esther thinks of carrying out this eerie act throughout her lifetime to gulp down youthful presence, but the arrival of ghost detectives ruins it all

So, she turns Monty the crow into a human to trick the Dead Boy Detectives into the forest and plans to feed them to Teeth Face, a giant mushroom. But Crystal intervenes in it, foiling the scheme with her psychic abilities.

Once, Charles and Edwin creep into the dreadful place and discover the trapped child nestled within a dark void inside Finch’s kitchen cabinet, guarded by a massive snake.

Just as Crystal, Charles, and Edwin moved to rescue her, Finch unexpectedly returned home, nearly obstructing their plans and putting the heroes in grave danger.

Esther captures Edwin and Charles and then chains Charles but puts Edwin in a painful contraption.

She plans to torture Edwin for years to fuel her power while Crystal and Niko halt her.

Esther takes Niko’s life, so Crystal, in rage, summons Lilith after hopping off to the witch’s mind and convinces Lilith that Esther is misusing her power.

Hence, Lilith strips Esther of her youth turns her into a crone and takes Esther to a place that is likely hell.

Esther Flinch Has Distateful Past, Which Makes Her Villian

Esther Finch’s story is unfortunate, explaining that she was a pioneer in the early days of Port Townsend when the town started.

She was strong and beautiful, but her life took a terrible turn when her husband cheated on her. Heartbroken and angry, she turned to dark magic for revenge.

Using spells from her mother’s occult books, Esther took matters into her own hands and took the life of her husband and his mistress.

But instead of stopping there, she went even further. She made a deal with the goddess Lilith, who gave her the power of immortality. However, there was a catch—she wouldn’t stay young forever.

To maintain her youth, Esther did something horrifying. She kidnapped young girls and fed them to a giant snake. It’s a tragic story of someone consumed by darkness and desperation.

Eventually, people caught on to how dangerous Esther was and isolated her.

But she was quick-witted and grasped to blend in, continuing her dark deeds without anyone suspecting a thing.

Additional Information

  • The costume designer, Kelli Dunsmore, longed for Esther Finch to carry out the vibes of Stevie Nicks and Debbie Harry in a way that would make girls admire her beauty as their mom.
  • Esther Finch graces in all glitz and gold but on a bit of the rough side with accessories like cuffs embellished with a snake and a ring with teeth all around it.
  • Jenn Lyon starred in Justified Saint George and is the main character in the TNT crime drama Claws.
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