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Bloodline Killer Actress Taryn Manning Has Wore Makeup On Her Teeth

Taryn Manning has recently claimed that her Instagram account has been hacked after posting “Not One Cast Member Cares About Me.”

Recently, Taryn Manning appeared in the movie Bloodline Killer as Sam Marrin.


  • Taryn Manning has only worn makeup on her teeth to play the role of Tiffany Pennsatucky Doggett.
  • Taryn Manning plays the role of Sam Marrin in the movie Bloodline Killer.
  • Taryn has no problem with her teeth in real life.

Bloodline Killer is a horror-thriller that follows Moira Cole, who attempts to rebuild her drained life after the murder of her family.

The film is directed by Ante Novakovic and written by Anthony and James Gaudioso. It stars Bruce, Dern, Tyrese Gibson, Shawnee Smith, and Taryn Manning.

Bloodline Killer is set to be released on April 26, 2024, on VOD by Vertical Entertainment.

Taryn Manning Did Makeup For Creating Missing Teeth

Taryn Manning has captured the attention of many fans after the fantastic role she played in the movie “Orange Is The New Black.”

She played Tiffany Pennsatucky Doggett, wearing makeup on her teeth to create the effect of receding gums and missing teeth. 

Tiffany fought with Piper Chapman, and she lost her teeth. Later, Litchfield paid for her surgery to get artificial teeth placed in.

Tiffany’s teeth weren’t just ‘meth teeth’; they were the teeth of poor folk, of the young grandma who helped to raise her and for decades worked from diner to factory line to a desk job as a probation officer for the country court system in Wichita, Kansas.

Once, Tiffany saw her grandma remove her teeth, scrub them with a rough brush, and drop them into a cup of water with a fizzy tablet.

So, Tiffany also thought of using false teeth. But sometimes, they caused her toothaches. In the second season of the movie, she appeared with the fake teeth of her grandma.

There Is Nothing Wrong With Taryn Manning Teeth In Real Life

There is no genuine issue with Taryn Manning’s teeth. She has only done makeup to look like Tiffany Pennsatucky Doggett.

Taryn Manning has a beautiful teeth shape in real life, enhancing her smile. However, she has not revealed if she uses any whitening for her teeth.

Once, her teeth had stolen the show at Audi’s Emmy Celebration in 2015.

However, she has appeared with her natural teeth in the upcoming movie Bloodline Killer.

Moreover, Taryn has not done any changes on her body to play the role of Sam Marrin.

Additional Information

  • Taryn Manning was born on November 6, 1978, in Falls Church, Virginia, U.S.
  • Taryn Manning has an estimated net worth of $3 million as of 2024.
  • Taryn Manning was engaged to Anne Cline.
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