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Decoding the Tattoos of Actor Taz Skylar And Their Meanings

The Stories behind Taz Skylar's Tattoos carry deep significance.

After Taz Skyler recently inked the One Piece character Sanji, the search for his other tattoos and their meaning commenced.

As creative as he is, Taz loves expressing his emotions and thoughts through his tattoos. So, what do they really mean?


  • Taz Skylar is a multidimensional actor and a talented producer known for his dramatic performances on stage and in cinema.
  • Skylar has multiple tattoos with unique meanings, including “37/60” on his right arm. This tattoo represents the summers he has left before turning 60.
  • He played Sanji in the Live-Action series One Piece and has inked the character on his leg, expressing his love for the series.

Taz Skylar entered the entertainment industry as an actor in the United Kingdom, acting in various small roles. In 2015, he appeared in short films such as Venom and Beautiful.

He also played David in the short film Trophy in 2016. Skylar made his directorial debut with the short film Multi-Facial in 2018.

The following year, he made his feature film debut in The Kill Team, playing Sergeant Dawes.

37/60 Tattoo On Taz Skyler’s Right Arm Is A Wake-Up Call

Taz Skylar, who is known for his dynamic performances on stage and screen, has visible tattoos on his hand.

Fans have noticed his tattoos in various promotional images and interviews and have gone crazy about them.

His tattoos are masterpieces in themselves and represent his personality in the best possible ways because each of his multiple tattoos has a unique meaning.

Taz has at least five to six tattoos on his right hand and recently got a small one on his leg.

Among his tattoos, an “eye” is clearly visible on the muscle part of his arm, and another significant tattoo reads “37/60.”

The 37/60 represents the summers he has left before turning 60, a reminder for him to cherish his time and accomplish his goals.

On January 2, 2023, he took to his Instagram and reflected on the year 2022, which was enriched with a wide range of bittersweet memories.

He mentioned that it was a milestone year, marking significant personal and professional achievements.

Taz Skylar’s Inked One Piece Character “Sanji” On His Leg

While the meanings of all the tattoos on his hand are not fully known, he shared on Instagram that the small one that he got on his leg affirms his love for the anime series One Piece.

Most of his fans found his way of fanboying One Piece’s character, Sanji, creative and intriguing.

Moreover, he created immense engagement online by asking, “Can anyone guess how I got it on my leg, though?”

The responses fans showed through the comments are quite interesting.

Sanji is a Straw Hat Pirate renowned for his culinary skills and powerful kick-based fighting style. He is also known as Black Leg Sanji.

However, Skylar’s tattoo does not directly resemble Sanji’s character design in the series but shows his alignment with the character.

The fact that he chose to ink Sanji on his leg is already endearing to the fans, as he portrayed Vismoke Sanji in Netflix’s Live-Action series One Piece.

Additional Information

  • The versatile actor and producer won the People’s Choice Award for Best Motion Picture in 2018.
  • Skylar’s father is Hassan Yassin, an Arab of Sierraleonian-Lebanese descent, and his mother is Gwen Skylar, an Englishwoman born in Yorkshire.
  • Taz Skylar has an estimated net worth of $4 million.


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