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Dead Boy Detectives Ending Hints Crystal Getting Rid Off David The Demon Following The Insane Torment

David Iacono portrays David the Demon, a menacing entity that unleashes torment upon Crystal and the Dead Boys in the series Dead Boy Detectives.

The series is primarily spent on DC Comics characters created by Neil Gaiman and premiered on Netflix on 25 April.


  • Crystal saw Emma, the ghost, but then she started acting weird like a demon was taking over her.
  • Crystal finds Tragic Mick and receives a wishing stone to create a barrier between her mind and David the Demon.
  • Demons like David prefer to use Crystal’s vulnerability and psychic things to make her the target of their mean tricks.

Steve Yockey from “The Flight Attendant,” Jeremy Carver from “Doom Patrol,” and the teams at Berlanti Productions and Warner Bros. Television brings life to Dead Boy Detectives.

The series follows two British teens, Edwin Payne (played by Rexstrew) and Charles Rowland (played by Revri), who are soulless entities, along with their living friend Crystal Palace (played by Kassius Nelson).

The other cast members in the series include Briana Cuoco as Jenny the Butcher, Ruth Connell as the Night Nurse, Yuyu Kitamura as Niko, and Jenn Lyon as Esther.

Finally, Crystal Buried Down David The Demon In Her Subconsciousness

So, the Dead Boy Detectives, Edwin and Charles, had to perform an exorcism. While it helped, Crystal lost most of her memories, including those of her family and friends.

Crystal teamed up with Edwin and Charles to solve paranormal mysteries and also worked to reclaim her memories from David the Demon.

Crystal sought out Tragic Mick and acquired a wishing stone to create a barrier between her mind and David the Demon.

But in doing so, she lost her psychic abilities, leaving her more vulnerable to David’s influence.

When David attempted to reclaim control over her, Crystal stood her ground, stating that she was no longer “special” to her without her powers.

Thankfully, Crystal’s ancestors instilled in her the value of her beauty and strength. Drawing on this wisdom, she eventually regained her psychic powers.

When the opportunity arose, Crystal extracted David from Jenny, whom he had momentarily possessed, and imprisoned him in a part of her subconscious.

David The Demon Prey On Crystal’s Vulnerabilities And Benefited Most Out Of It

Her memory loss during David’s possession was similar to someone being drugged without remembering.

David the Demon enjoyed tormenting Crystal because she had special psychic powers.

He saw these powers as something dangerous that he must control or something he could use for his gain.

Demons like David preferred to make people suffer, and Crystal’s vulnerability and sensitivity to psychic stuff make her the perfect target for his mean tricks.

Consequently, Crystal couldn’t fully be with Charles because David’s presence haunted her, even though they were head over heels with one another.

Additional Information

  • After reviving the memory, Crystal discovered she wasn’t a good person. Crystal misused her psychic abilities to trick security guards and harm people she didn’t like.
  • Charles and Edwin assured Crystal that they would keep her place open at their detective agency because she had done many good deeds.
  • There is no hint of a sequel to the Netflix series Dead Boy Detectives, but the ending suggests a possible future story.
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