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Danny Trejo Pays Tribute To Salma Hayek’s Beauty With A Chest Tattoo Of Her

Robert Rodriguez was searching for someone menacing yet silent individual for a role, and to his surprise, Danny Trejo appeared. But what folks didn’t expect was Danny’s soft spot for Salma Hayek.

The actress Salma Hayek encountered Danny Trejo on the set of the movie Desperado, where she played the character Carolina and him, a creepy hitman.


  • Danny ran over to Salma and flexed his muscles, tearing his shirt open to reveal a tattoo that resembled her.
  • She commented that the tad was better, but it was unmistakably her.
  • During Thanksgiving, Salma acknowledged that he wasn’t inherently wrong despite Danny’s past actions.

Once, Salma Hayek shared a throwback story about her first meeting with Latinx actor Danny Trejo on the Graham Norton Show.

She recalled an interview where she, Kelsey Grammer, and Norton discussed fan tattoos.

When asked if she had seen any tattoos of herself, Salma mentioned encountering one during her first film, where she met Danny Trejo.

It raised eyebrows among folks, drawing a tale of the most feared person on the lockup harboring cush on the beautiful actress Salma Hayek

Danny Trejo’s Admiration for Salma Hayek Led Him to Get a Tattoo of Her

Danny had just left the bars when he landed his debut film, coincidentally alongside Salma.

The crew mentioned he’d been in for bank robbery but picked up acting skills inside.

However, there was more to him. Spotting the actress, Danny dashed over, flexing his muscles to tear his shirt open to reveal a tattoo he had gotten inside, which resembled her.

The actress saw the tattoo on Danny’s chest, a woman who looked just like her.

She joked about the body tattoo being better, but it was unmistakably her.

Danny admitted he’d just left lockup and was delighted. He even playfully said he’d rob another bank just for her.

Salma Hayek Invited Danny Trejo In A Thanksgiving

In an interview for the movie From Dusk Till Dawn, Danny Trejo revealed that Salma Hayek wasn’t only gorgeous to the eyes but also hellishly intimidating.

Danny felt disarmed when the actress walked in his way and asked how her mother was doing.

In response, the Spy Kids actor felt like a fearful rat scared of doing nothing. Next, she asked what he had stored for Thanksgiving Day.

He answered that he would be alone as his wife and kids would pack their bags to celebrate Thanksgiving at his wife’s house.

Danny was no stranger to his family; he already knew and got along well with his brother and cousins.

Amidst the joyful event, Salma recognized that he wasn’t inherently wrong despite Danny’s past actions.

She believed that once someone has hit rock bottom, they shouldn’t be condemned for life.

Salma understood Danny’s softer side and saw beyond his past mistakes because Danny had been immersed in a life of crime from a young age.

His felony was marked by heroin use, violence, and involvement in criminal activities like debt collection and drug dealing.

Additional Information

  • Danny Trejo and Salma Hayek have played in movies From Dusk Till Dawn, Spy Kids, Once Upon A Time In Mexico, And Muppets Most Wanted, together.
  • Danny Trejo has married and divorced four times, with Laura, Debbie, Joanne, and Debbie Shreve, while Salma has a blissful married life with François-Henri Pinault.
  • Danny Trejo has three children- Danny Boy, Gilbert, and Daniele, while Salma relishes motherhood with her daughter.
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