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Gary Owen’s Divorce With Kanya Duke Amid Cheating Accusations and New Beginnings With Bri Johnson

Navigating Gary Owen's Allegations, Humorous Settlement Talks, and a Fresh Start with Bri Johnson.

Gary Owen, the comedian, divorced his wife, Kenya Duke, in 2021 after nearly 18 years of marriage.

Kenya married Gary Owen, the renowned comedic actor known for his humorous anecdotes about family life in his performances and on-screen in 2003.


  • Gary and Kenya’s divorce in 2021 came as a surprise, spurred by Kenya Duke’s accusations of Owen having an affair or mistress during their marriage.
  • Gary Owen has openly discussed the financial aspects of his divorce settlement, particularly the alimony payments he must pay, jokingly referring to the sum as “$44,000 a year.”
  • Despite the divorce, Owen moved forward with his life, recently becoming engaged to Bri Johnson, followed by the birth of twin sons, Royal and Rome, in July 2023.

Duke served as his unacknowledged manager, assisting in deal negotiations and managing day-to-day operations while caring for their family as a dedicated stay-at-home mother.

Gary and Duke later became parents to two children while raising Kenya’s son from a previous relationship.

The news of their divorce in 2021, initiated by Kenya, surprised many. The only explanation provided was that it stemmed from irreconcilable differences.

They had been together for almost two decades, and the only question that arose at that time was, ‘Who Did Gary Owen Cheat With?’

Gary Owen And Kenya Duke’s Divorce Amidst Cheating Accusations with a Mistress

Comedian Gary Owen has enjoyed significant success in the spotlight throughout his career.

However, behind the scenes, he has recently experienced a significant life change, especially after his separation from his wife of many years, Kenya Duke.

The primary reason cited for their divorce was Kenya’s accusation that Gary had an affair or mistress during their marriage.

Although the identity of the alleged mistress is not explicitly revealed, Kenya Duke publicly slammed a woman she claimed was Gary’s mistress, suggesting there was someone specific Gary was involved with.

Following nearly 18 years of marriage, Gary Owen and Kenya Duke parted ways in March 2023.

Since then, Duke has spoken out openly, not holding back when discussing her ex-husband.

In her recent public remarks, she has criticized a woman whom she suspects to be his mistress, and rumors speculate that he may have been involved with a friend of Claudia.

Despite Kenya’s insistence that Claudia Jordan is aware of the alleged infidelity, Claudia has denied any knowledge or involvement in the situation.

In an Instagram Live session, Claudia clarified that she and Gary have had a 20-year friendship but vigorously denied any part in the alleged cheating scandal.

She emphasized that the accusations against her are baseless and untrue, stating, “The fact that I am being dragged into this is stupid and just not true.”

Gary Owen’s Divorce Settlement Humor, Parental Responsibilities, and New Beginnings with Bri Johnson

In his recent social media post, Owen has spoken candidly about the financial implications of the divorce settlement, particularly the alimony payments.

While the exact figures are not disclosed, Owen has humorously mentioned paying a substantial amount in alimony, jokingly referring to it as “$44,000 a year.”

Moreover, Owen and Duke share parental responsibility for their two children, a son named Austin and a daughter named Kennedy.

There is a possibility that Owen may be required to provide child support for them as well.

However, Owen has now moved on in his life with his different family. According to an Instagram post, Owen is now engaged to Bri Johnson.

Following their engagement, Johnson gave birth to their twin sons, Royal and Rome, in July 2023.

Additional Information

  • Duke said that for the year and a half it took to finalize the divorce proceedings, she received $0 from Owen and couldn’t afford to buy food for the family dog.
  • Gary’s prior service in the United States Navy led to him being awarded the title of Funniest Serviceman in America.
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