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Survivor 46: Ben Katzman’s Jewish Family Loved The Show

Ben Katzman finished Second Runner-Up in Survivor 46.

Ben Katzman is an American musician and reality television star famous for his appearance in the competitive reality television series Survivor 46.

As the musician reached the finals of the reality series, his fans and followers wished to know more about his personal life. Let’s explore his family details.


  • Ben Katzman has supportive parents who run a travel company, Tourists in Our Backyard.
  • His mother was a flight attendant, and his father played guitar.
  • Ben is Jewish, and he was disappointed that no player of his religion participated in Survivor 45.

32 years old Ben Katzman was born in Miami, Florida, on March 25, 1992. He has always loved music and learned to play guitar on his own.

He progressed from managing a record label in his dorm room to instructing guitar and mentoring bands.

Similarly, he is a band member of DeGrease and released a new album, Transcendental Shreditation, in December 2023. 

Ben joined Survivor 46, inspired by Mike White, and sent a 30-second audition video to NBC.

It gave him noticeable fame as he became the show’s second runner-up. He lasted 26 days in the reality series.

Nonetheless, he is a passionate and emotional person who is living for a good time in the present.

Ben Katzman Family Were Fans Of Survivor Series

Survivor Ben Katzman is the son of Gil Katzman and Smadar Fructman Katzmanil. He grew up in a supportive family.

His parents are engaged in the tourism industry and own a travel company, Tourists in Our Backyard company.

Moreover, his father also played guitar in his early years, and his mother was a flight attendant at San Francisco International Airport (SFO).

Gil and Smadar have been married for over three decades, but their love is still young. Both of them are active on Instagram and often share their travel pictures.

Moreover, his family is a Survivor fan and does a Survivor draft. His brother and grandmother were two formidable members of it.

Ben Katzman Follows Jewish Religion

The reality star Ben Katzman calls himself a dorky Jewish kid from the suburbs while growing up.

When he was 10 years old, his mother bought him a “Jews Who Rock” book to help him strengthen his ties to his heritage.

However, Ben was more interested in “Superheroes Who Rock” then.

Ben felt disappointed when Survivor 45 didn’t include a single Jewish player, even though they had included 41 and 44 in the previous season.

He and his wife scanned the cast announcement of Survivor 46 carefully to see if any of the players were Jewish. 

Ben was the only one Jewish contestant on the island. However, he hasn’t talked much regarding his ethnic background to the tabloids.

Additional Information

  • Ben Katzman’s wife is the greatest fan of Survivor. She has seen every single season in real-time and dreams of one day appearing on the show.
  • He dropped out of college at 22 to promote and create an independent record label.
  • He quit running his independent record label at 25 just as success started. 
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