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Teresa Palmer Shines as Iggy Starr in Hollywood’s Latest Action Comedy “The Fall Guy”

Join Teresa Palmer on an Action-Packed Adventure in 'The Fall Guy' – Hollywood's Latest Blockbuster Hit!

Teresa Palmer returned to Australia for an exciting reason: to join the cast of Universal’s “The Fall Guy,” alongside Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt.

She is known for her roles in films like the remake of Point Break, the horror thriller Lights Out, the zombie comedy Warm Bodies, and the biographical war drama Hacksaw Ridge.


  • Teresa Palmer returns to the screen as Iggy Starr in “The Fall Guy,” portraying a wild and unpredictable character with an action-packed introduction.
  • With Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, and Aaron Taylor-Johnson headlining, “The Fall Guy” boasts an impressive ensemble and promises an exhilarating blend of action, romance, and comedy.
  • Teresa Palmer also praises Ryan Gosling’s kindness and grounded nature.

The Adelaide-born actress and mother of five was busy filming a new movie, “The Fall Guy,” alongside Ryan Gosling, Emily Blunt, and Aaron-Taylor Johnson.

She shared her excitement about the project during the red carpet event for Cartier’s Sydney store opening, expressing how amazing it feels to work alongside such big names.

The cast list is undeniably impressive, with Palmer appearing alongside Hollywood’s prominent cast members. She mentioned that the experience has been surreal for her.

Let’s investigate what happened to Teresa Palmer as Iggy Starr in The Fall Guy.

A Wild Introduction Of Teresa Palmer As She Takes on the Role of Iggy Starr in ‘The Fall Guy’


The Fall Guy

A struggling stuntman searches for his ex-girlfriend’s movie star, who has gone missing.


Action Comedy Drama
Release DateMay 3, 2024
CastsRyan Gosling
Emily Blunt
Aaron Taylor-Johnson
Teresa Palmer
DirectorDavid Leitch
WritersDrew Pearce
Glen A. Larson

Teresa Palmer joined the ‘The Fall Guy’ cast and portrayed the character Iggy Starr.

In the movie, Teresa’s portrayal of Iggy Starr is the girlfriend of Tom Ryder, characterized by Aaron Taylor-Johnson.

Starr, described as Tom Ryder’s “showmance girlfriend,” is a crucial member of the Metalstorm ensemble.

Iggy doesn’t get much screen time, but she leaves her mark. She’s shown as wild, unpredictable, and always prepared for a fight.

Her introduction to the film involves a heated altercation with Colt in Tom’s apartment.

While her role as Iggy may not be central, critics have praised her performance for adding a touch of humor and charm to the dynamic between her and Gosling’s character.

Palmer’s natural comedic timing and screen presence have allowed her to hold her own against the film’s lead actors.

“The Fall Guy” has been hailed as a delightful and entertaining cinematic experience, owing to its witty script, exhilarating stunts, and the palpable chemistry between its lead stars, Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt.

“It’s a really dynamic way for my character to enter the film,” Palmer teases. “There’s a lot of banter, jumping, flips, a knee slide… all sorts of crazy things. It was exciting to read that in the script. I thought, ‘Oh, this is a show-stopping entry!’”

Hollywood’s Latest Action Comedy, “The Fall Guy,” Delivers Excitement and Romance

Released on May 3, 2024, “The Fall Guy” is currently in full-swing production. The movie is based on the 1980s series with the same title.

It tells the story of a former stuntman who finds himself working alongside him on a new film after being replaced by the star he once doubled for.

When working alongside one of Hollywood’s biggest heartthrobs, Palmer has nothing but praise for Gosling.

“I know his wife Eva [Mendes], so I feel like I know him because I know her,” she said. “He’s the most kind, gentle soul, such a beautiful, kind person. My first takeaway was that he was just so grounded and kind.”

Of course, Palmer is no stranger to working alongside Hollywood’s most adored men.

Throughout her time on the big screen, Teresa Palmer has held some enviable roles, including working with The Great’s Nicholas Hoult and starring opposite Andrew Garfield in Hacksaw Ridge.

The review team at Road To Peace Films praised the movie, mentioning that if you’re seeking a fantastic night at the movies, “The Fall Guy” offers just that and more. Get ready for jaw-dropping stunts, laughter, and a captivating love story.

With Ryan and Emily’s undeniable chemistry and the other cast members’ incredible acting lighting up the screen, “The Fall Guy” promises to be one of the year’s most entertaining films.

Additional Information

  • Mark Webber and Teresa Palmer tied the knot on December 21, 2013.
  • She has four children, Bodhi Palmer, Poet Lake Palmer, Prairie Moon Palmer, and Forest Sage Palmer, and is stepmother to a son from her husband’s previous relationship.
  • Her recent movie, The Fall Guy, is an action comedy blockbuster based on the hit series of the same name starring Lee Majors as a stuntman/bounty hunter.
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