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Survivor 46 Contestant Kenzie Petty Married Jackson In Her Background

Kenzie Petty's life is filled with love, adventure, and exciting milestones.

If you are a fan of the reality television series Survivor, then Kenzie Petty won’t be a new name for you. She appeared in Survivor 46.

Kenzie Petty has been making waves not only in the reality series but also in her personal life. Let’s explore more.


  • Kenzie and Jackson Petty tried to elope in Iceland but ditched the idea when Survivor called for the first time.
  • After filming the reality series, she married Jackson in her backyard on September 2, 2023, in front of close friends and family.
  • She announced her pregnancy on Mother’s Day and revealed they expect a baby in September.

Kenzie Petty, the daughter of G. Stephen Veurink and Shannon Lee, was born in Gibraltar, Michigan, on August 6, 1994. She is 29 years old as of 2024.

Her parents relocated to North Carolina in July 2008.

Kenzie discovered Survivor in 2020 and applied to be a contestant in August 2022.

She started swimming and going to the gym to be physically fit. Likewise, she worked on puzzles and read more books to prepare her mentally.

In addition to reality TV, Kenzie has worked as a hairstylist for more than 14 years and owns Explicit Salon in North Carolina.

Kenzie Petty Married Jackson In Her Little Backyard

Kenzie Petty revealed that she tried to sign contracts to elope in Iceland with Jackson Petty but ditched the idea when Survivor called for the first time.

She told Jackson about the call, and he immediately moved their wedding idea and supported her journey in Survivor 46.

On top of that, he also helped her film an audition video to send to the show’s casting directors.

Kenzie and Jackson met in the same neighborhood, and the latter owned a shop right next to the former’s.

Later, they married in their little backyard on September 2, 2023, when she returned from filming for the reality series on the island.

Her friends and family decorated the backyard at their wedding, and she was grateful for everyone who showered her with love on her special day.

Jackson is her forever alliance and biggest cheerleader who made her dreams a reality. She expressed,

I’ve spent my entire life taking care of everyone else until you waltzed in. Thank you for taking care of me even when I insist I can do it all myself. Being married is so sick. I love you @jacksonraypetty.

Kenzie doesn’t feel her wedding is real, but she is elated daily as she marries the best supportive husband in the world.

Jackson is a freelance photographer and has been there for her throughout her journey.

Survivor 46 Contestant Pregnant With Her Husband Jackson Petty

Kenzie Petty announced the exciting news about her pregnancy through Instagram on May 12, 2024.

The married couple is expecting their new family member in September, the same month that they got married.

She announced her pregnancy on Instagram, revealing her growing baby bump on the occasion of Mother’s Day. She expressed,

It’s such an honor to be joining the club of motherhood. I love being pregnant, I love being alive, and I love my little bean. We couldn’t be more over the moon if we tried.

Nonetheless, Jackson played a significant role in Kenzie’s life, and now they embark on this new journey into parenthood together.

Additional Information

  • Kenzie Petty prepared for the Survivor 46 journey by watching the previous series to study strategies, started fasting to shrink her stomach, and prepared herself on how to deal with hunger.
  • Her parents are proud of her career endeavors and named her Kenzie Veurink.
  • Kenzie and Jackson Petty have registered their wedding at Zola, where fans can send them gifts.
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