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Kenya Duke’s Entrepreneurial Triumph Is Accumulating Her a Huge Net Worth

From Entrepreneurial Success to Personal Resilience: The Journey of Kenya Duke.

Kenya Duke is an entrepreneur, podcaster, and TV personality best known for her previous marriage to comedian Gary Owen.

Duke hosts a podcast called “Truly Kenya” where she discusses her life experiences and offers advice and encouragement to women.


  • Kenya Duke, with an estimated net worth of $10 million as of 2024, has built her fortune through various business ventures
  • In addition to hosting the podcast “Truly Kenya,” Duke shares her life experiences and gives women guidance and support on social media.
  • Following her divorce from Gary Owen after nearly two decades of marriage, she probably gets around $44,000 per month as a divorce settlement from him.

Duke, a thriving business woman and proprietor of Premier Sports and Corporate Travel, crossed paths with Gary at the Cubby store, where a he was refining his stand-up comedy.

However, in March 2021, the news broke that mentioned Duke had initiated divorce proceedings after nearly 18 years of marriage. This revelation came as a shock to many fans.

After her divorce, Kenya has focused on her career, sharing her experiences as a successful businesswoman and single mother.

Kenya Duke, Building a Multi-Million Dollar Net Worth Through Entrepreneurial Ventures

American businesswoman Kenya Duke is predicted to have a $10 million net worth as of 2024.

Duke has appeared in some TV shows and comedy specials, often related to her ex-husband Gary Owen’s work.

On her Instagram, she brands herself as “every woman’s biggest cheerleader” and aims to inspire and uplift other women through her social media presence and podcast.

Kenya is a multifaceted personality known for her innovative pursuits who uses her experiences to connect with and empower other women.

Duke has built her fortune through various business ventures, primarily in the luxury travel industry. She is a successful house flipper and real estate investor.

Despite her divorce from Gary Owen, Kenya Duke has maintained a lavish lifestyle and continues growing her net worth through hard work and determination.

At 49 years old, she is a self-made millionaire who inspires many aspiring entrepreneurs.

Kenya Duke’s Journey From Divorce Settlement Insights to Financial Empowerment

After being married for nearly two decades and experiencing a life-altering divorce, she’s sharing insights on the crucial emotional and financial lessons she learned along the way.

Even though our children are in college, they still rely on us for support,” she explained, explaining why financial assistance for her young adult children is necessary.

Duke highlighted that during the year-and-a-half it took to conclude the divorce proceedings, she received no financial support from Owen.

Owen recently mentioned on his stand-up comedy humorously,

“I thought it was $44,000 a year in alimony not a month.”

Gary Owen

This suggests that Duke is likely receiving approximately $44,000 per month as part of the divorce settlement from Gary.

Duke had been involved in real estate alongside Owen for years, leveraging those skills to sell a home quickly, which provided temporary financial relief.

This experience led her to make a vow never to find herself in such a precarious situation again.

Now financially stable through other business ventures, Duke imparts the lessons she learned during that challenging period and more in her new podcast, Truly Kenya.

Additional Information

  • Kenya Duke recently mentioned on Instagram that she wants her ex-husband, Gary, to stop speaking about her.
  • Owen recently appeared on Shannon Sharpe’s podcast, Club Shay Shay, where he discussed the birth of his twins and disclosed that his older children do not have a relationship with them.
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