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Jessica Rothe And Eric Clem States Their Marriage “Pandemy Micro-Wedding”

Jessica Rothe always wanted a fairy tale ending in her love life, so it did happen. On 2019’s Valentine’s Day, she said that she and her boyfriend had engaged.

The La La Land actress and Savage actor has also shared an on-screen romantic film.


  • Jessica Rothe and Eric Clem have been featured in the same movie and have portrayed the role of the couple.
  • Jessica and Eric engaged with each other on Valentine’s Day.
  • Jessica says her wedding is a pandemic micro-wedding, as they did while COVID-19 was there.

While they had on-screen romantic pairings in the movie, they not only shared reel romance but also had their real-life romance.

Their real life romantic connection made them very comfortable while doing on-screen romance.

Jessica Rothe And Eric Clem’s Fairy Tale Ending Relationship Starts From Valentine’s Day

On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, Jessica shared a picture with Eric and captioned it,

Happy Valentine’s Day to my brilliant, amazing, wonderful, how-did-i-get-so-lucky FIANCE and of course, most importantly, to Otis the pup.

The love birds were twinning and wore red beanies where they held their dog in a snowy wood area.

Eric Clem also shared the news on his Instagram handle and wrote,

It;s on TV so it’s officially official: we’re ENGAGED AF! Otis is undecided in his emotions but we’re excited as heeeeelll!

Jessica Rothe And Eric Clem Had A Small Wedding Ceremony

After a year of engagement, when COVID-19 was calming down from its peak, the duo decided to marry in a small event.

On September 12, 2020, the duo married each other in Morrison, Colorado.

Moreover, Jessica defines her wedding as a Pandemy Micro-Wedding and her major mic-drop “I love you” moment in their relationship.

In 2021, Jessica shared her wedding picture on the occasion of their first anniversary. She captioned the picture,

Words cannot even begin to describe how amazing this man is and how crazy in love with him I am. So I’ll just say this: Happy one year anniversary my love ♥️

The duo often go on vacation and share their photo on their Instagram handle.

Additional Information

  • Jessica Rothe won two awards, the MTV Movie & TV Award for Best Actor in a Movie and the Teen Choice Award for Choice Movie Actress: Comedy, for her role in Happy Death Day.
  • Eric Clem is also an actor who is known for his role in films and television shows like Savage, B.U.S.T., and Resolutions.
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