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Nicholas Galitzine AKA Hayes Campbell Tries To Save Relationship With Sophie At Any Cost In The Idea Of You

Hayes Campbell is weak in knees for Sophie; he would do anything to be with her despite the hassles in the movie 'The Idea Of You'.

Nicholas Galitzine stars as Hayes Campbell, alongside Anne Hathaway in Prime Video’s film adaptation of Robinne Lee’s bestselling contemporary love story, “The Idea of You.”

The movie, The Idea Of You, directed by Michael Showalter, is about Sophie, a 40-year-old mom who got divorced.


  • Though Sophie and Hayes has distinctive age gap, the duo share a passionate relationship.
  • Sophie tries to run away from Hayes, but destiny keeps them together.
  • Hayes leaves his band to unite with Sophie; however, she chooses to be with her daughter and ghosts him at the end of the story.

Sophie’s husband, Dan, left her for a younger woman and bailed on going to Coachella with their 15-year-old daughter.

So, Sophie steps up and takes her daughter instead. While there, Sophie meets Hayes Campbell, a 24-year-old boy who sings in a super popular boy band called August Moon.

Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers

Hayes Campbell Reassures His Commitment To Sophie Time And Again

Nicholas Galitzine portrays Hayes Campbell as witty, charming, confident, and hails from a wealthy background.

The fact that he’s only twenty years old adds another layer of complication, but Hayes and Sophie’s bond quickly turns into a passionate relationship.

Sophie attempts to isolate herself from Hayes, but the circumstances keep dragging them into one destiny.

They travel together, going from big concerts to fancy art shows, and even have private getaways in places like Paris and Miami.

During a trip to New York for a documentary premiere, Hayes publicly kisses Sophie and introduces her to his parents, which is a big step in their relationship.

Sophie shares her feelings about their relationship with her mother before they meet again in Anguilla.

For Sophie, being with Hayes helps her find herself again and feel happy and loved.

Nonetheless, Sophie stumbles to trust Hayes after meeting two of his exes and reading about their relationship on a gossip site.

Somehow, Hayes, who is head over heels with Sophie, reassures her and says he’s committed to their relationship.

But when their romance becomes famous online, Sophie and her daughter, Izzy (Ella Rubin), become targets for fans and the media.

Hayes Campbell Quits The Band For His Lady Love, Sophie

Despite Hayes’s deep passion for music, he makes the difficult choice to leave the band August Moon because of his feelings for Sophie.

He realizes that his relationship with her is more crucial than his music career, even though it’s something he loves dearly.

In Chapter 16, Sophie decides to end the relationship again because of their age gap and her duties as a mom, even though Hayes tells her he’s quit the band for her.

Hayes pleads and sheds tears, begging Sophie to reconsider and stay with him despite the challenges.

With a heavy heart, she makes the difficult choice to send Hayes away, knowing it’s what’s best for her and her daughter.

Over the next few months, Sophie avoids talking to Hayes and ignores his attempts to reach out.

Additional Information

  • Harry Styles of One Direction influences the character Hayes Campbell. Both have striking demeanors and rumors of dating older women.
  • Nicholas Galitzine is notable for his roles in Purple Hearts, Red, White & Royal Blue, and Bottoms.
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