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Classmates Bully Ella Rubin AKA Izzy Due To Her Mom’s Love Affair With Boy Band Member In Idea Of You

Ella Rubin as Izzy finds difficult to cope with her mother's romance with popular boy band member in the movie, Idea Of You

Ella Rubin plays Anne Hathaway’s daughter, Izzy, in the rom-com movie Idea Of You, about a mother who falls in love with the boyband heartthrob, Hayes Campbell (Nicholas Galitzine).

Ella Rubin has been busy lately, appearing in Hulu’s “The Girl From Plainville,” Netflix’s limited series “The Chair,” and HBO Max’s “Gossip Girl” reboot.


  • Solene falls in love with Hayes Campbell, the famous boyband member whom her daughter, Izzy, idolizes.
  • When Hayes decides to settle with Solene, Izzy is so out of it that she confronts her mother in a rage.
  • In the end, unfortunately, Anne Hathaway chooses to be with her daughter and splits with Hayes.

She made her Broadway debut in 2019 alongside Marisa Tomei in Tennessee Williams’ “The Rose Tattoo.

Before that, she was in the Marc Lawrence-directed film “The Rewrite” and featured on Hulu’s “Difficult People,” Showtime’s “Billions,” and CBS’ “Unforgettable.”

Kipperman Management represents Ella Rubin, the agency owned by her mother, Perri Kipperman, who initially didn’t want her to join the Cineplex. However, the duo paved their way to it together.

Warning: This Post contains spoilers

Izzy isn’t Delighted To See His Mom Solène’s Affair With Hayes

The movie, adapted from Robinne Lee’s novel “The Idea Of You,” released in June 2017, became a massive success with fans of romance and fiction.

The Idea of You” follows Solène Marchand, a respected art gallery owner and mother in Los Angeles.

Her life turns unexpectedly when she becomes romantically involved with a much younger British popstar, whom her 12-year-old daughter, Isabelle, aka Izzy, idolizes.

Despite their age difference, they share instant chemistry and engage in flirtatious banter throughout the August Moon band‘s concert.

Feeling the weight of Hayes’ fame, Solène attempts to end their relationship.

However, Hayes surprises her by affirming his commitment and extending an invitation for her to join him in the south of France for the next month.

Meanwhile, Solène’s ex-husband, Daniel, voices concerns about the potential impact of this new relationship on their daughter.

As Hayes plans to rent a home with Solène in Los Angeles, tensions rise when Izzy (Isabella) angrily confronts her mother about the rumors circulating regarding their relationship.

Solène finds herself caught between her blossoming romance and her daughter’s concerns, facing a difficult decision about her future with Hayes.

After all, rumors about Izzy’s mother’s relationship with Hayes led classmates to taunt and tease her daughter abruptly.

Solène Chooses Her Daughter, Izzy, And Ends Relationship With Hayes

In Chapter 16 of the novel, Solène ends the relationship again to focus on her primary responsibilities as a mother.

Despite Hayes’ declaration that he has quit the band to be with her, Solène feels compelled to prioritize her daughter and her stability.

Reluctantly, Hayes accepts her decision and departs.

Over the following months, Solène chooses to ghost him as she grapples with the aftermath of their breakup.

Sadly, the ending of the novel Idea Of You has infuriated many fans, who have wished for their reunion when Izzy grows up.

Additional Information

  • August Moon’s boy band includes Jaiden Anthony, Raymond Cham, Vik White and Dakota Adan.
  • The movie debuted at South by Southwest on March 16, 2024, and will hit Prime Video via Amazon MGM Studios on May 2, 2024.
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