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Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti Parents Are No Stranger To The Film World

Identical twin, Ryan in The Boys, Young Boy in Boy Kills World.

The twin brothers Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti’s parents are proud of them. Despite their young age, they have co-starred with several renowned actors in renowned series.

One of the twin brothers, Cameron, is now set to be seen in Prime Video’s Emmy-nominated superhero series The Boys as Ryan.


  • Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti’s family is involved in the entertainment industry.
  • Cameron and Nicholas’s mother was their role model as she coached them.
  • The twin brother’s sister also got into the entertainment world at the young age of six.

The fourth season of the series will consist of three episodes and air from June 13 to its finale episode on July 18.

Their parents, who work in the entertainment industry, were a blessing because their child was a featured and gifted actor at a young age.

Growing up and thoroughly watching their parents work helped them to debut at the very young age of eight.

Say it as their parent’s help or anything to get into the entertainment industry, but the boys have already proven their acting skills by featuring their solo roles in several renowned series.

Both brothers were featured in Big Little Lies (2017) as Nicole Kidman’s twin boys.

Denise Crovetti Was The Acting Coach For Her Twin Son

Denise graduated from Illinois State University and was affiliated with Steppenwolf Theater in Chicago. There, she majored in Vocal and Theater performance.

After graduation, she performed in NYC on Broadway and the NYC stand-up comedy circuit for several years.

Then, she moved to Los Angeles, where she started modeling for several workout videos and renowned fitness magazines.

There, she joined the classes at the Groundling and was cast in several commercials, pilots, and short films.

Her credit in several shows includes Law & Order, Family Law, CSI: Miami, and Reno 911!.

But soon, she had to stop her entertainment career after she became a mother to three childrens.

Now in her late 40s, Denise had to stop working in the entertainment world to raise her children and shift her career to a child therapist.

Denise did her graduation with Summa Cum Laude from California State University with a double degree in the MFT and PPS programs.

After graduation, she decided to foster her children’s acting careers, as all three of them started showing interest in the theatrical arts.

The Boys Stars Father, Bradley Cramp Is An Executive Producer

Bradley Cramp is currently residing in Los Angeles and is working as an executive producer.

Bradley attended New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts—BFA in Films and Television Production in 1995.

Before he graduated, he was already associated with an award-winning production company, Rubin/ Robinson, where Bradley worked as a Development Assistant.

Nicholas and Cameron Crovetti With Their Parents. (Source: Instagram)

After working there for less than a year, he was hired as a Producer and Research Assistant in Zollo Production Inc.

With his increasing experience and education qualification, in 1996, he was signed as Vice President and Executive producer in Andrew Niccol Films Inc., where he got to work with Oscar-nominated director-writer Andrew Niccol.

After over a decade of involvement in the company, he went to Digital Kitchen and served as Executive Producer and Executive Creative Director.

Bradley currently works as President and Executive Producer at Baby Too Cold Productions, Inc., Los Angeles, CA.

Moreover, Bradley is best known for his credits in Lord of War (2005), S1mOne (2002), and Gattaca (1997).

The Twin Brother’s Sister Isabella Crovetti Is A Voice Actress

Like her brothers, Isabella Crovetti has also been involved in the entertainment industry at a young age.

Isabella made her acting debut at the age of six in 2010. Born on 18 December 2004, she signed with the Osbrink Talent Agency, one of the top children’s talent agencies in Los Angeles.

Within a month of joining the agency, she started working on voice-overs, commercials, and television shows, where she met several renowned film directors, including Shawn Levy, Cameron Crowe, Chris Koch, and many more.

Her first pilot season started after she got a role in the FOX comedy pilot Family Album, which Shawn Levy directed.

Additional Information

  • Nicholas Croevetti started acting with HBO’s Emmy Award-winning drama series Big Little Pies.
  • Nicholas Crovetti’s upcoming movie is Salem’s Lot, a horror movie.
  • Both the brothers were featured in the 2023 movie Boy Kills World.
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