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Wendy Molyneux Co-Wrote A Draft For Deadpool & Wolverine

Marvel fans had been waiting for so long for its next movie to be released, and it’s finally here. Deadpool & Wolverine is set to be released on July 26, 2024, and Wendy Molyneux, alongside her sister Lizzie Molyneux, co-wrote a draft for it.

The Molyneux sisters are both television producers and screenwriters who have worked together to form several animated comedy sitcoms.


  • Wendy Molyneux has been awarded twice for her work and several nominations.
  • Wendy is married to a fellow writer, Jeff Drake, and has four children.
  • Wendy started her writing career in 2006 after she was hired to work on a television show.

In 2020, Marvel Studios and Reynolds met Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux, the potential writers for the next Deadpool film.

Both got hired to write the screenplay the following month after they went to the studio.

The 49 Years-Old Primetime Emmy Award Winner Wendy Molyneux

Wendy Molyneux had written plenty of scripts to break into the comedy world. But most of them went nowhere until one of her scripts happened to cross the desk of the Bob’s Burger creator.

Wendy didn’t make herself known as a writer alone. Working with her sister, she has also written several comedy sitcoms and Marvel movies.

Wendy got her first break in the television writing business in 2006. She and her sister were hired as the writers for a new NBC talk show featuring Megal Mullally.

Though the show aired for less than five months, it gave Wendy to explore several other renowned shows.

After the show, they started to write several scripts until one day, their ideas hit the desk of Loren Bouchard, and miraculously, they were hired for the first season of Bob’s Burger in 2009.

In a podcast, Wendy said,

That’s the thing with entertainment. You have to keep throwing stuff at the wall until something sticks.

With their fantastic humor and comedy, they helped Bob’s Burger win its first award. In 2017, Bob’s Burger was honored with the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.

The same year, she was awarded the Annie Award for Outstanding Achievement in Writing in an Animated TV/Broadcast Production.

After winning the awards, it was nominated in the same category in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2020.

Then, in 2022, Wendy and her sister made a movie named The Bob’s Burger Movie. Moreover, she is also known for writing another animated comedy sitcom, The Great North (2021).

Wendy Molyneux Says She Is Like 80 Percent Irish

Wendy Molyneux was born in New York and raised in Indiana to Richard and Susan Moluneaux, the Democrats in a sea of Republicans.

She is the second child in a family of one boy and four girls. When people ask if her family name is French, she always makes people laugh with her sarcastic answer. She says,

Our last name sounds a lot more sophisticated than we are. We are like 80 percent Irish or more. We’re actually potato people.

Moreover, Wendy went to Franklin Central High School on the outskirts of Indianapolis. In 1993, she graduated from Mira Costa and again did another graduation with an English degree from Pomona College in 1997.

While working, she fell in love with Jeff Drake, who is also a writer. The duo has four children together.

Additional Information

  • It was Wendy who went to her younger sister and said let’s work together, although Lizzie was still in college and was doing a summer internship in entertainment. And they kept mentioning that it was no overnight success.
  • Wendy even used to work in a day job selling group tickets for the Hollywood Pantages Theatre.
  • Wendy and Lizzie’s age difference is about seven years. After her father got a new job with Mattel, a corporate toymaker company, Wendy enrolled at Mira Costa High School when she was 15, and Lizzie was nearly eight years old and barely starting grade school.
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