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Jerrica Hinton Shares Best On-Screen Chemistry With Co-stars But Keeps Quiet On Her Marital Status

Jerrica Hinton has stayed tight-lipped when it comes to relationship queries, though she is quiet active on social media.

Jerrika Hinton’s portrayal of a queer character in “Hunter” and a straight lead in “Grey’s Anatomy” raises questions about her dating preferences and marital status.

Actress Jerrika Hinton gained prominence as Stephanie Edwards in the popular ABC medical drama series Grey’s Anatomy.


  • Jerrika Hinton hasn’t said much about her personal details including her relationship status if she is single or seeing someone.
  • She raised the bar of queer relationship following the steamy scenes with Kate Mulvany, who plays sister Harriet in the Hunter series.
  • Though April walked the aisle for Jackson, Grey’s Anatomy fans loved the spark between Jackson (Jesse Williams) and Stephanie (Jerrika Hinton).

She started her film career in the independent drama “Rain” in 2006.

Then, she appeared as a guest star in various TV series, such as “Gilmore Girls,” “Everybody Hates Chris,” “Zoey 101,” “Ghost Whisperer,” and many more.

Now, she is well-known for portraying Millie Morris in the Amazon Prime series “Hunters,” which aired in 2020 and 2023.

Jerrika Hinton Is Hush About Her Relationship While Shares Steamy Onscreen Romance With Co-stars

Despite an active presence on social media and in interviews, Jerrika Hinton has not shared any details about her dating life or marriage.

She likely prefers to keep her personal life private, separate from her professional career.

Many celebrities choose not to share details about their dating life or relationships to maintain boundaries and privacy.

Meanwhile, on the screen of Hunter, Hinton, as Millie Morris, shares a sizzling chemistry with Kate Mulvany, who plays sister Harriet.

In the second installment of the Hunter series, when Millie is afraid of lagging behind the hunter’s troop, sister Harriet vows to save her and seals a deal with a kiss.

Additionally, sister Harriet suggests relocating the flight to Europe as she hears from Jonah that Millie is working in the same location.

Regarding Grey’s Anatomy, Hinton, as Stephanie Edwards, had a short-lived relationship with Kyle (Wilmer Valderrama) and Jackson (Jesse Williams).

Fans Cherished The Synergy Between Jerrika Hinton And Jesse Williams

The show Grey’s Anatomy had love angles among Stephanie Edwards (Jerrika Hinton), Jackson (Jesse Williams), and April (Sarah Drew).

Though Jackson and April had the last chocolate bite, folks admired the fiery connection between Jackson and Edwards.

Even some sources cited that Hinton and Williams were dating one another behind the backdrop, given their sparkling onscreen relationship.

However, Edwards’s relationship with Jackson was only short-lived, following his confession of love for April at her wedding while sitting beside Stephanie.

While describing the character, Hinton labeled it as the “worst kind of betrayal.”

She explained that it’s one thing to admit to harboring feelings, believing you’ve dealt with them, and involving someone in that decision.

Nonetheless, publicly devastating someone, especially in a professional setting, is an entirely different matter.

Additional Information

  • Hinton hails from Oak Cliff, Dallas, Texas, where she was raised by her parents, Cynthia, a retired government worker, and Avaleon Hinton.
  • She graduated with honors in 2002 from Southern Methodist University’s Meadows School of the Arts and earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in theatre.
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