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Sofia Lesaffre As Lila In Infested Movie Has A Non-Arachnophobic Boyfriend Jordy

In the horror movie Infested, also known in French as Vermines, actress Sofia Lesaffre slides into the skin of Lila alongside a cast of local up-and-coming actors and unusually large spiders.


  • Lila, a cop with a romantic relationship with Jordy, intensely fears spiders.
  • When she sees one, she dashes into the shower, locks the door, and her boyfriend Jordy tries to remove the spider gently, but he fails
  • Kaleb, Manon, Jordy, Lila, and Mathys try hard to get the neighbors out, but the building is in quarantine.

The Infested movie features Théo Christine (Kaleb), Finnegan Oldfield (Jordy), Jérôme Niel (Mathys) and Lisa Nyarko (Manon).

Sébastien Vaniček, known for his acclaimed short films like “Mayday,” makes his feature debut with the movie Infested.

Similarly, Harry Tordjman produces the film at My Box Films, known for projects like “Bref” and “A voix haute.”

“Infested” debuted to praiseworthy reviews at the 2023 Venice Film Festival and gained further admiration at Fantastic Fest, and returned for screenings at The Overlook Film Festival on April 5 and 7.

Warning: This Post Contains Spoilers Ahead

Lila’s Boyfriend Jordy Tries To Shoo Away Spiders For Her

Additionally, a blunt cop and quirky arachnophobe, Lila has a romantic relationship with Jordy, Kaleb’s former best mate.

The duo, Kaleb and Jordy, once aimed to open a small creature zoo, has suffered the blow except for their shared love for invertebrates.

Everything falls apart when Kaleb purchases a rare spider species, names it Rihanna, and puts her in a shoebox with a hole.

As expected, Rihanna escapes and lays numerous eggs before a neighbor can squash her.

Lila didn’t notice the fist-sized spiders emerging from the vent behind her as she looked in the mirror.

Startled by one, she dashes into the shower and locks the door. Her boyfriend, Jordy, tries to remove the spider gently, but his attempts fail.

Jordy accidentally thrashes it in a sudden movement, and they realize many more spiders have been hiding in the tight spots.

Lila, Jordy, And Their Friends Evacuates The Neighbours As The Safe Option

Moreover, the building is facilitated with tight spots and corners, which allow spiders to make a hideout and multiply in large numbers.

Soon, folks face a big swarm of giant, venomous spiders, and cops won’t let them leave because of a quarantine at the same time.

Somehow, the gang, including Kaleb, Manon, Jordy, Lila, and Mathys, tries hard to get the neighbors out, but the building is on lockdown due to a health crisis.

There is nowhere to run! They must head to the basement, but it’s a nightmare journey accompanied by dark stairs crawling with spiders and a spooky hallway with only one minute of light at a time.

Additional Information

  • The movie starts with a desert trip. Some guys are flipping rocks to find rare spiders. They use smoke to flush out nests and discover lots of deadly spiders. One guy gets swarmed and is left behind to fend for himself as the others run for it.
  • Kaleb’s best friend is Mathys, a former boxer turned bicycle thief who is a good-hearted individual with a comical side.
  • Vaniček described “Vermin” as a profoundly personal movie that portrays the French suburbs he’s familiar with, distinct from the atmospheric style of auteur films.
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