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Antonia Gentry’s Romance with Boyfriend Jordan Buhat Takes Center Stage in ‘Prom Dates’ Premiering on Hulu!

The movie Prom Dates follows best friends Jess (Antonia Gentry) and Hannah (played by Julia Lester), who make a pact in middle school to attend their senior prom together.

However, their plans go awry when their respective boyfriends, Jordan Buhat and Kenny Ridwan’s characters, break up with them just before the prom.


  • “Prom Dates” captures the frantic scramble of Jess and Hannah as they attempt to find new prom dates within 24 hours of breaking up with their respective partners, leading to comedic misadventures and unexpected encounters.
  • With raunchy humor and heartfelt moments, “Prom Dates” promises to deliver an entertaining coming-of-age tale filled with wild college parties, awkward interactions, and the unpredictable twists and turns of teenage romance.

The movie follows two friends frantically trying to find dates for their high school senior prom the night before the dance.

Kevin Hart produced the film, and Becca Mausner directed it. The lead cast includes Julia Lester, Antonia Gentry, Chelsea Handler, and John Michael Higgins.

The filmmakers shot the movie in Syracuse, New York. It follows the story of high school students as they prepare for prom night.

This comedy film stars Antonia Gentry and Julia Lester as best friends Jess and Hannah.

After their original dates are canceled right before the senior prom, they embark on a quest to find new prom dates.

Audiences Are All Set To Exploe Antonia Gentry’s Romance with Jordan Buhat in ‘Prom Dates’

The movie centers around Jess and Hannah’s pact made in middle school to have the perfect prom night.

With only 24 hours left before the prom, they must find new dates to honor their pact. Kenny Ridwan also stars in the film, playing Julia Lester’s character, Hannah’s date.

The trailer showcases the chaos and hilarious hijinks that ensue as the two best friends frantically search for last-minute prom dates.

The explicit details about Jess’s romance with Jordan Buhat’s character in the film are not explained. Still, we can see them in a romantic relationship, as shown in the trailer.

Jordan Buhat, who plays Luca, is an actor and fitness enthusiast, evidenced by his Instagram posts. They broke up 24 hours before prom because Luca turned out to be a cheater.

In the trailer, Jess (played by Antonia Gentry) is depicted catching her boyfriend, Luka, cheating on her just moments before prom.

Moreover, Jess was heartbroken and determined to find a new prom date.

Additionally, a series of comedic mishaps ensue after Jess and Hannah’s mutual breakups and the realization that they have only a day to find new dates.

Their plan takes them to a wild college party brimming with attractive guys, alcohol, and uncomfortable encounters.

Tune in to see what unfolds when Prom Dates premieres on Hulu on May 3, 2024. To complement the release of the official trailer, Hulu has revealed the key art poster for the movie.

It showcases Antonia Gentry and Julia Lester and is accompanied by the tagline: “Prom Dates… they just can’t get any.

This coming-of-age teen comedy is bold, unpredictable, and everything in between!

Additional Information

  • Antonia Gentry is an American actress best known for playing Ginny Miller in the Netflix series Ginny & Georgia.
  • Jordan Buhat is a Canadian actor and fitness enthusiast best known for his role as Vivek Shah on the Freeform comedy series Grown-ish.
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