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Kelly Ellard Age And Wikipedia: What Happened To Izzy G In Under The Bridge?

Kelly Ellard Ellard was sentenced and handled as an adult.

The chilling Reena Virk case continues to haunt the public to this date. People were shocked to learn about perpetrator Kelly Ellard age at that time.

Under The Bridge made huge waves even before its release. It is also a book adaptation of the same name and is based on the true crime story of Renna Virk.

Many vetoed the Hulu mini-series, mentioning that it could be a traumatic experience for the Virk family. But it aired its first episode on April 17 and is currently in its fifth episode.

Key Takeaways

  • Izzy G portrays Kelly Ellard in the Hulu miniseries Under the Bridge. Her character is one of the show’s antagonists.
  • Under the Bridge is based on real events involving a fourteen-year-old girl and her peers.
  • In the latest episode, Izzy G’s character plans to escape to Mexico.

The series stars Izzy G as Kelly Ellard, a woman responsible for Renna Virk’s tragic ending. Joining her is Javon “Wanna” Walton, portraying another perpetrator, Warren Glowatski.

Izzy G Meets Kelly Ellard’s Age Requirement and Perfectly Fits Her Character.

Hulu miniseries Under the Bridge tells the story of 14-year-old Reena Virk (Virtika Gupta), who struggles to fit in with her peers.

Surrounded by mean girls Josephine Bell (Chloe Guidry), Kelly Ellard (Izzy G), and Dusty Pace (Aiyana Goodfellow), Virk paints the picture of a bullied high school teen.

However, Reena suddenly disappears after going to a party.

Initially filed as a missing case, the story takes a dramatic turn as Officer Cam Bentland (Lily Gladstone) and journalist Rebecca Godfrey (Riley Keough) continue the investigation.

Actress Izzy G is fifteen years old, making her the perfect candidate to portray Kelly Ellard. The real Kelly was also of a similar age when the crime happened.

Those who have read the novel or followed the real Kelly Ellard’s trial will know how the story ends. Still, Gladstone and Godfrey’s acting contributes to the series’ mystery theme.

Lily Gladstone: This is a tale of horror and wonder of innocence and beauty, violence and sin. this story would haunt the island for years to come.

Rebecca Godfrey: I want you to take me under the bridge.

From Under the Bridge Trailer

Viewers have also praised Izzy G’s acting in the series. She is delivering fantastically in such a demanding role.

What Will Happen To Izzy G’s Character At The End Of Under The Bridge?

Under the Bridge is already midway in its 8-episode lineup. The latest episode showed Cam nearing to crack the Reena Virk case.

It sees Josephine Bell and Dusty Pace planning to escape to Mexico. Although the girls seem to share a strong bond, it is revealed to be a facade.

The flashback showed Kelly Ellard bragging about k**ing Reena Virk to Bell and Pace. She quotes,

You know, I put my foot on Reena’s neck after I put her in the water and just, like, held her under. And I smoked a whole cigarette while doing it.

From Sportskeeda

This enraged Dusty, leading her to attack Kelly. As she is taken away, Josephine remarks Pace couldn’t be trusted.

The scene then changes to the present, where Josephine and Kelly warn Dustin to stop opening her mouth to the cops. It remains to be seen if Pace will disclose the truth or if the trio will successfully run away to Mexico.

In the novel, Kelly and the rest are captured and punished with years of sentence. In actuality, Ellard stood trial three times and was convicted of second-degree murder.

Virk’s perpetrator was only released on day parole in 2018.

Currently, Kelly Ellard has changed her name to Kerry Sim, lives in a community-based residential facility, and struggles to be a single parent with a lack of child-care options.

Additional Information About Izzy G

  • Izzy G’s father, Pieter Gaspersz, is a director/producer, while her mother, Sabrina Gennarino, is an actress and producer.
  • The young actress rose to fame after starring as AJ Douglas in AJ and the Queen.
  • Izzy G is of Italian and Indonesian descent.
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