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Paula Malcomson As Rose Parish Faces Off Her Husband’s Buried Misdeeds In Parish

Paula Malcomson portrays Rose Parish, who sheilds her family from her husband's unlawful fault

Paula Malcomson, as Rose Parish, is unfamiliar with her husband Gray Praish’s past felonies, but she surely knows he is concealing his emotion behind his stud poker face in the TV show Parish.

Paula Malcomson, a talented Northern Irish actress, maintains a low profile on social media despite her active presence in the entertainment industry.


  • After tying the knot with Rose, Gray left the law-breaking world and started an ordinary family life.
  • Rose often tries to resolve disputes between her husband and daughter, as they grieve Maddox’s death differently.
  • The Parish family moves to the motel for safety when Gray involves himself in tangling webs of mess

The actress, sometimes credited as Paula Williams, keeps her personal life private, so it’s unclear if she’s married.

Malcomson’s recent work includes roles in Sean Cook’s ITV limited series “Redemption” and the Emmy-nominated “Deadwood: The Movie” on HBO.

She’s also been seen in films like “We Have Always Lived in the Castle” and “Battlecreek,” among others.

Paula Malcomson, As Rose Parish, Is A Mediator Between Her Husband And Daughter

The TV show Parish stars Giancarlo Esposito as Gray Parish, a taxi driver whose life undergoes a seismic shift when he agrees to chauffeur a notorious New Orleans-based Zimbabwean gangster.

Gray, a former getaway driver once involved in illegal acts, changed his ways after marrying Rose.

Gray and Rose started a business together to provide a better life for their family.

However, tragedy struck when their son, Maddox, lost his life in a carjacking.

Gray struggles with fury and grief but tries to keep it together for the sake of his wife and teenage daughter, Makayla.

On the contrary, the resilient social worker, Rose, believes her husband’s work is just as ordinary as hers.

She is grieving the loss of their son and striving to remain strong for her daughter while also trying to sell their house.

Rose takes on the role of mediator between Gray and Makayla, who are coping with Maddox’s death in their ways.

Makayla is frustrated by her father’s inability to move on from her brother’s demise. This frustration often leads to arguments between her and her dad.

Rose Parish Hurries Down To Motel With Gray and Makayla Parish

Giancarlo Esposito, aka Gray, desires a normal life and wishes to shield his family from harm.

However, he realizes that escaping the turmoil wouldn’t be straightforward. Deep down, he understands that resolving the situation is the only way out of the mess.

So, the petrified Gray returns to his family and requests his wife, Rose, and daughter, Makayla, to listen to him for the last time.

Also, he assures them to reveal everything he has been hiding, so the trio packs their bags and commutes to the motel.

Next, Gray shares withRose and Michaela about his past, admitting he had once been deeply involved in crime.

Gray continues saying as he gained notoriety in the law-breaking world with more extensive jobs, he eventually realized the risks weren’t worth it, especially with a family relying on him.

Additional Information

  • The TV series Parish is adapted from the BBC One series The Driver, which aired in 2014 and followed the same storyline.
  • It also stars Skeet Ulrich, Ivan Mbakop, Bonnie Mbuli, Arica Himmel, Currie Graham, and Bradley Whitford.
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