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Phil Donahue Was Diagnosed With Crohn’s Disease And Battled Prostate Cancer

Phil Donahue is among the media and entertainment recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which Joe Biden presented at the White House.

Phil John Donahue is a media personality, writer, and film producer currently hosting The Phil Donahue Show.


  • Phil Donahue was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease in the 1970s.
  • Phil has battled with prostate cancer in 2008.
  • Phil Donahue has not given any confirmation regarding if he had a stroke.

Donahue was born into a middle-class family in Cleveland, Ohio. His father, Phillip Donahue, was a furniture sales clerk, whereas his mother, Catherine, was a department store shoe clerk.

In 1959, Phil completed his graduation from Our Lady of Angels Elementary School.

Moreover, he was a member of the first graduating class of St. Edward High School, an all-boys college preparatory Catholic school run by the Congregation of Holy Cross in Suburban Lakewood, Ohio.

Phil started his official career in 1957 as a production assistant at KYW radio and television in Cleveland.

Phil Donahue Battled With Prostate Cancer

A prominent American TV personality battled with prostate cancer back in 2008. However, he has successfully overcome this through treatment.

Since then, Phil Donahue has been advocating for cancer research and awareness.

At 88, Phil faces some health challenges but remains committed to public service and is preparing for potential involvement with the White House.

Back in the 1970s, Phil was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. He recovered from the disease after the treatment.

Moreover, Phil has not publicly disclosed his health condition in 2024; neither has he talked about his health condition in interviews nor has he posted some social media posts regarding any illness and disease he is suffering from.

In 2024, looking at his physical appearance, it looks like Phil Donahue is fit and healthy.

Phil Donahue Didn’t Suffer Any Stroke

People have speculated that Phil Donahue possibly had a stroke. But there is no confirmation from Phil Donahue himself regarding having any strokes.

Phil’s previous health issues, like prostate cancer and Crohn’s disease, may lead some individuals to believe that he is more inclined to other medical conditions, including strokes.

People might have drawn the connections between his past health struggles and the rumors circulating about his current well-being.

Moreover, none of his family members have confirmed that Phil Donahue had any stroke during his whole life.

Additional Information

  • Phil Donahue has an estimated net worth of $150 million as of 2024.
  • Phil Donahue married Marge Cooney in 1958, but they divorced in 1975. Later, he married Marlo Thomas in 1980.
  • Phil Donahue has 5 children: Mary Rose Donahue, Michael Donahue, Daniel Donahue, Jim Donahue, and Kevin Donahue.
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