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Perfect Match Jessica Vestal Was Rumored To Have Plastic Surgery And Breast Implant

Jessica's fans believed that the secret behind her stunning appearance is daily skincare and makeup skills.

After appearing as a contestant in the famous reality show Perfect Match, Jessica Vestal came into the limelight.

29 years old, Jessica Vestal was born in 1995 in Charlotte, North Carolina, United States.


  • Despite having a 10-year-old daughter, Jessica Vestal has maintained her physique well.
  • Jessica’s before and after the photo was posted on TikTok, where a user mentioned that she had plastic surgery.
  • Jessica exercises regularly and goes to the gym to maintain her physique.

Jessica Vestal has been an executive assistant of GCG Advisory Partners since 2021, with an extensive background in corporate administration, client relations, and community outreach.

She was part of the cast of the famous Netflix TV reality show Love Is Blind, season 6, released on Valentine’s Day 2024.

Vestal was one of the women who grabbed fans’ attention in the newest season of Love Is Blind.

Moreover, she is involved with the Fotse Parent Association, which is very near and dear to her heart.

Jessica Vestal Is Suspected Of Receiving Plastic Surgery And Breast Implants

Perfect Match contestant, Jessica Vestal’s beauty, stunned everyone as soon as she entered the entertainment industry.

Many viewers believed that she had done any plastic surgeries and breast implants as her lips looked filled, her nose looked enhanced, and her breasts did not look natural.

She has maintained a picture-perfect physique despite mothering a 10-year-old daughter, Autumn.

She has high cheekbones, a defined jaw, almond-shaped eyes, clear skin, and plush lips, through which fans became compelled to speculate that she had any surgeries.

There is a TikTok video posted by a user named @storytimewithrikkii, where Jessica’s photo was posted and mentioned that she has had plastic surgery, which went viral.

Later, Jessica took to the comment section to explain that the photo was not even of her. She commented,

“No honestly as a professional how do you feel right posting this? That before photo isn’t even me. I feel bad for the patients who come to you expecting honesty and integrity,”

The user also replied to Jessica’s comment,

“The video was all based on speculation. No harm was mean.”

However, the video was later deleted as it created false allegations about Jessica Vestal’s plastic surgery.

Her fans believed that the secret behind her stunning appearance is daily skincare and makeup skills.

Although rumors about her physical appearance are widely circulating online, she has not mentioned anything about this topic.

Moreover, she regularly exercises and goes to the gym to maintain her body physique.

Additional Information

  • Jessica Vestal has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2024.
  • Vestal lost 8 pounds when social anxiety kept her from going to the gym.
  • Jessica Vestal is 6 feet 2 inches and weighs 150 lbs.
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