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Reddit Users Said Elisabeth Moss And Kate Moss Looks Alike

Most of us are well known with The Invisible Man leading actress Elisabeth Moss. And also the British Vougye model Kate Moss. But due to their distinct family tree, the two personalities dont share any biological relation.

Katherine Ann Moss, better known as Kate Moss is best known for her collaboration with Calvin Klein, which helped her gain fashion icon status.


  • Fans have compared their photo on reddit and said they look precisely the same.
  • Elisabeth Moss and Kate Moss only share the same surname and are not related to each other.
  • Elisabeth has mixed roots, while Kate has British roots.

The British model Kate is also known for her role in size zero fashion and her waifish figure. She also has contributed as a fashion editor for British Vogue.

On the other hand, Elisabeth Singleton Moss, better known as Elisabeth Moss, is a British-American producer and actor. She is best known for her projects in several television dramas.

Elisabeth Moss And Kate Moss Has Different Blood Ties

Both personalities have a different bloodline; Kate was born to Peter Edward Moss, an airline employee, and Linda Rosina Moss, a barmaid.

Elisabeth was born to Ronald Charles Moss and Linda Moss. Both of her parents were musicians and used to play jazz and blues harmonica professionally.

Moreover, most people on Reddit compare both personalities very closely. People have compared Elisabeth’s The Handmaid’s Tale picture with Kate’s and mentioned how both personalities look alike.

It’s crazy to me how much kate looks like elizabeth moss from handmaid’s tale. Am I the only one?!
byu/Icy_Percentage6644 inBreakingAmish

One of the fans posted the picture of them together and captioned the picture,

It’s Crazy to me how much Kate looks like Elizabeth Moss from Handmaid’s Tale. A i the only one?

Most of the people agreed with the post, and one of the reddit users also commented,

Thank you. I knew she looked like someone, especially her smile and i have been totally unable to place it.

People compare their look-alike pictures together and want to know if they are related to each other. The answer is simple: no, they are not related to each other apart from being related to the entertainment industry.

Elisabeth Moss And Kate Moss Have Diverse Family Background

Not only do they have different bloodlines, but they also have diverse family backgrounds.

Elisabeth Moss was born to a British father and an American-Swedish-descendant mother. She grew up with a diverse cultural influence.

Elisabeth was raised a Scientologist, a set of beliefs and practices invented by L. Ron Hubbard. She also has one younger brother.

On the other hand, Kate Moss was born to both British parents. Her religion and cultural influence are rooted in the British community.

Kate has a half-sister named Lottie (Charlotte) and a younger brother, Nick. Also, her parents got divorced when she was just 13.

Additional Information

  • In 2009, Kate Moss was ranked as the 1348th richest person in the UK, with a networth of £40 million.
  • In January 2024, Elisabeth Moss said she was pregnant with her first child.
  • Elisabeth Moss has both British and American citizenship.
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