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Grey’s Anatomy Midori Francis Parents: Mother Joanne And Father Ken Iwama

Midori Francis thanks her parents for their utmost support.

Midori Francis parents have always respected her career plans. They likely knew about her departure from Grey’s Anatomy before the public.

Fan-favorite Mika Yasuda will say her goodbyes from Grey’s Anatomy in the next season. Midori’s departure from the show has come out of the blue.

Key Takeaways

  • Midori Francis’ parents are highly successful educational professionals. Both inspired their daughter to excel academically.
  • The actress is of Japanese descent from her dad’s side. She also has Italian and Irish ancestry.
  • Midori Francis has often shared about the love and support she received from her mother and father.

According to sources, Francis and the producers made this decision amicably. The actress looks forward to branching out and exploring new opportunities.

Mika was Grey Sloan’s surgical intern. She is renowned for her dark humor, which has helped her escape many troubles.

Before her iconic role, Francis starred in Dash & Lily, The Sex Lives Of College Girls, Good Boys, The Birch, and Afterlife of the Party.

Midori Francis’ Father Ken Iwama Is A Chancellor

The television personality was born to her loving parents, Joanne and Ken Iwama, on April 16, 1994. She received her name from her paternal grandmom, Francis.

Midori Francis’ father is a renowned figure at Indiana University. He has been holding the position of Chancellor since August 1, 2020.

Before that, Mr. Iwama was the Vice President of the College of Staten Island’s Division of Economic Development, Continuing Studies, and Government Relations.

One of Midori’s notable achievements was securing a $22 million fund for major facilities and infrastructure projects. He was also general counsel for the State-Operated School District of Jersey City.

The Grey’s Anatomy actress has Japanese ancestry from her dad’s side. As a child, she used to be bullied for her Asian heritage.

However, Midori now proudly embraces her ethnicity and identifies as Hapa.

Midori Francis’ Mother, Joanne Iwama, Is A Psychotherapist

Not many know, but Midori Francis’ mother is an equally successful person as her dad. Joanne Iwama is a psychologist based in Freehold, New Jersey.

Mrs. Iwama received her MSW in Children and Families and LGBT Concentration from Monmouth University. She also studied at Rutgers and Paramus High School.

Midori credits her success in the industry to her supportive parents. They always backed her decisions and her love for theater and art.

The actress also disclosed she inherited her work ethic from her father. Ken encouraged his daughter always to remain optimistic and never wallow in anything for longer than a minute.

My dad always told me to do what I love, and the money will come. He encouraged me to have a balanced perspective on rejection and failure, and to take what life throws at you in stride.

From 411 Weekly News Magazine

Lastly, Midori Francis’ dad taught her that humility is key. He urged her to take pride in her job but never boast about it.

Additional Information About Midori Francis

  • Midori Francis is part Irish and Italian from her mom’s side.
  • The Grey’s Anatomy star earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Mason Gross School of the Arts in 2014.
  • Midori Francis’ character Lily in Dash & Lily earned her a Daytime Emmy nomination.
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