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Fans Speculate A Familial Link Between Ross Kemp And Martin Kemp Due To Their Roles As Co-stars In The BBC Opera EastEnders

How Ross and Martin's On-Screen Partnership Defined an Era in EastEnders.

Martin Kemp, former EastEnders star, is currently being searched as he opened up to his son about his shortened life expectancy.

Battled with a brain tumor at an early age, Martin has finally accepted his nearing demise and said that he will live for only a decade at max.


  • Despite sharing the same last name, Ross Kemp and Martin Kemp are not biologically related because of their diverse family backgrounds, different birthplaces, and separate upbringings.
  • Martin Kemp has recently disclosed his shortened lifespan to his son. Having battled a brain tumor earlier in life, he has accepted his limited time and stated that he may have a maximum of a decade left to live.
  • Ross and Martin Kemp both gained fame through their roles in the BBC soap opera EastEnders, but their careers and personal lives diverge beyond this. Their professional collaboration on EastEnders and their love for literature are their only notable similarities.

On the other hand, Ross Kemp is an English author, actor, and television presenter internationally recognized for reporting the BAFTA-Award-winning series “Ross Kemp on Gangs.”

Recently, Ross became the host of the show Bridge of Lies, which airs on BBC.

The media speculated about their relatedness as they both had the same last name and shared a screen on one of the hit TV shows. The question persists: does blood actually relate to them?

Ross And Martin Kemp Are Known For Being Co-stars In The Opera EastEnders

Ross Kemp rose to prominence after his role as Grand Mitchell in the BBC opera EastEnders.

He debuted in the series in 1990 and played the role for nine long years, making a significant spot in people’s hearts as Grand.

On the contrary, Martin entered the series in a negative role as George Smith in 1998 and officially quit in 2002, after 4 years.

Both the characters were quite popular, which opened their doors toward a prosperous future as additional opportunities attracted them.

In addition, both the Kemps are authors. Recently, Martin launched his book “The Game,” and Ross launched his book “Take Nothing For Granted,” showing their alignment in the literary world.

Thus, the only similarities between the actors are their professional alignment through the series EastEnders and their literary interests.

Apart from this, they do not have an uncanny resemblance or familial connection depicting their close or distant relatedness.

Martin Kemp And Ross Kemp Are Not Biologically Related To Each Other, As They Have Distinct Family Backgrounds

There is no familial bond between Martin Kemp and Ross Kemp since they are from different family backgrounds.

Ross Kemp was born on July 21, 1964, in Barking, Essex, England, while Martin Kemp was born on October 10, 1961, in Islington, London.

They have diverse family backgrounds because they were born and raised in different states and have different upbringings.

There were misunderstandings over their relationship because they had the same last name.

Moreover, their outstanding chemistry on-screen made people speculate if they were brothers in real life, as the inarguable bonding is rare.

Clearing the misunderstanding, Ross already has a brother named Darren, a filmmaker for BBC.

Similarly, Martin has a brother named Gary, who is associated with the entertainment industry and has appeared in multiple TV shows.

Therefore, much to viewers’ dismay, this proves that Ross and Martin are not brothers but distinct individuals with different family trees.

Additional Information

  • Ross Kemp was married to Rebekah Wade, and the couple divorced in October 2010 after the assault case.
  • After two years, in 2012, Ross married Renee O’Brien, and they have three adorable children.
  • Martin Kemp married Shirlie Holliman in 1988. They have been married since then. They have a son, Roman, and a daughter, Harley Moon. Roman Kemp is a radio presenter who works for the capital.
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