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Nava Mau’s Successful Career Led Her To Lavish Lifestyle

Nava Mau works for LGBTQ violence survivors.

Nava Mau is a Mexican actress famous for her appearance as Teri in the Netflix British dark drama series Baby Reindeer.

She has amassed a decent fortune as an actress, director, and producer in the entertainment world. Let’s explore her net worth as of 2024.


  • Nava Mau has amassed an estimated net worth of $2 million.
  • She is a transgender woman and often plays a transgender character in most of the films.
  • She worked as a peer counselor and conducted advocacy work for LGBTQ violence survivors.

32 Years old Nava Mau was born in Mexico City on May 14, 1992.

She is the daughter of a counselor and an accountant father. Her parents raised her in San Antonio, Texas, and Oakland, California.

She studied at Pomona College and earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in linguistics and cognitive science.

Nava entered the entertainment world in 2019 with the leading role of Sofia in the romance drama Waking Hour.

She is a transgender woman who has played a transgender character in most of the productions.

Nava Mau’s Successful Carrer Led To Lavish Lifestyle

One of the prominent actresses in Hollywood, Nava Mau, has amassed a successful career in the acting industry.

Her net worth is estimated at $2 million as of 2024. She has generated such a considerable sum from her remarkable acting skills.

The Hispanic Heritage Foundation has awarded Nava the NewFest Audience Award and the YoSoy Award for her film work.

Besides movies, she also earns from various ventures and advertisements.

There is no doubt that the Mexican actress is living a luxurious lifestyle and has achieved great success in her career.

In addition to a luxurious lifestyle, she has earned immense fame, having 238K followers on Instagram.

She often posts her travel diaries and work-related content on her social media.

Nava Mau’s Career Journey In The Acting World

The Mexican actress Nava Mau also appeared as director, producer, and writer in Waking Hour.

In 2020, she became a production member of the Netflix documentary Disclosure. It examines how transgender people are portrayed in Hollywood.

Later, she produced short films like Work, Sam’s Town, and Lovebites. Work was premiered at Sundance.

Nava starred in the leading role of Ana, Greta’s aunt, in the HBO Max series Generation.

Similarly, in the Netflix series Baby Reindeer, she appeared as the girlfriend of protagonist Donny Dunn, Teri. She commented,

It seemed really important to show people that trans women exist in real life and in relationships with real people.

Nava Mau initially worked as a legal assistant with immigrant survivors of violence before stepping into the acting world.

Later, she served as a peer counselor and conducted advocacy work for LGBTQ violence survivors.

Additional Information

  • Nava Mau inspires the audience with her dedication and authenticity to create meaningful change.
  • She worked for eight years in cultural change and political education.
  • She advised young transgender artists to be wise, selective, and tell the truth.
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