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Wednesday Cast Christina Ricci Appeared Without Makeup While Promoting Bel Ami

Christina Ricci, who shot to international stardom as Wednesday in ‘The Addams Family’ and its sequel, ‘Addams Family Values,’ in the early 90s, is thrilled to be a part of ‘Wednesday,’ the comedy-horror series.

Wednesday is an American supernatural black comedy mystery series based on the character Wednesday Addams by Charles Addams.


  • Christina Ricci made her appearance while riding the subway to promote Bel Ami.
  • Hair and makeup designer Tara McDonald did Christina Ricci’s makeup.
  • Christina Ricci gets knocked by Wednesday at the end of Season 1 of the Wednesday series.
  • Ricci’s beauty inspiration is the famous actress Brigitte Bardot.

Season 1 of Wednesday was released on November 23, 2022. Netflix announced it will renew “Wednesday” in January 2023. Production is underway, and Season 2 may arrive in 2025.

Christina Ricci has played the role of ‘dorm mom’ Marilyn Thornhill in the series “Wednesday.”

Christina Ricci Went Without Makeup In The Subway Ride

Once, Christina Ricci was spotted with no makeup while riding the subway in New York to promote Bel Ami.

She dressed casually in black skinny jeans and a leather jacket and added leopard-print rimmed glasses.

Christina Ricci was spotted at the Subway ride without makeup. (Source: Page Six)

Ricci looked like any other passenger while riding the New York underground.

But in ‘Wednesday,’ she took on the new and exciting role of Marilyn Thornil, a character that promises to be fun.

Her transformation into Marilyn, including her unique makeup done by hair and makeup designer Tara McDonald, is something fans should look forward to.

Moreover, Tara said she wanted Christina’s look to be heightened, though she kept in line with the look of the rest of the characters.

Tara played with different hairstyles and finally settled on the bright red wig. But, the makeup on her face was natural.

Christina Ricci appeared as Marilyn Thornhill on Wednesday. (Source: Screen Geek)

In real life, Christina has olive skin. She wears a Nars Tinted moisturizer. She hates waterproof Mascara and Powders.

Her beauty inspiration is Brigitte Bardot. She is obsessed with the way she looks in Contempt.

Wednesday Knocks Marilyn Thornhill Unconscious

At the end of Season 1, Episode 8, “A Murder of Woes,” Marilyn gets knocked by Wednesday, leaving her for the authorities.

In the Wednesday series, Thornhill, the main antagonist, could control the monster, “Hyde,” who has been harming people in the woods near the school.

She has been using it to prepare to take revenge against Nevermore and the Addams Family.

Moreover, Marilyn’s real name is Laurel Gates, the last survivor of a local family who hates the “outsider” inhabitants of the academy.

Thirty years ago, her brother was killed after trying to poison the school’s Rave’N dance and attacking a young Gomez Addams.

Later, Marilyn enters Nevermore’s community by faking her demise until the rise of the blood moon lets her approve her plan.

Marilyn revives Joseph Crackstone’s corpse, using Wednesday as a sacrifice.

She sets Joseph loose on Nevermore before Wednesday recovers, taking both of them down with the help of school friends.

Additional Information

  • Christina Ricci has an estimated net worth of $18 million as of 2024.
  • Christina Ricci married a celebrity hairstylist, Mark Hampton, in 2021.
  • Ricci is mother to a daughter, Cleopatra Ricci Hampton, born in December 2021.
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