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Kelly Yazdi Net Worth 2024: Earnings From Her Acting Career

Kelly Yazdi earns her fortune from her modeling and other endeavors.

Kelly Yazdi net worth must have increased, including her divorce settlement money. She also earns from her modeling career.

Zac Brown and Kelly Yazdi’s short-lived marriage is once again the talk of the town. The ex-pair initially made headlines after calling it quits within four months of their marital life.

Key Takeaways

  • Kelly Yazdi’s fortune comes from her work as a stuntman, actress, model, and entrepreneur.
  • The actress has launched Ride Wild, a platform for women power sport riders to come together and bond.
  • Kelly Yazdi has accused her ex-husband, Zac Brown, of narcissistic abuse through her Instagram posts.

The former couple initially shared they parted amicably. However, Kelly recently shared cryptic Instagram posts alleging her ex-husband was controlling and narcissistic throughout their time together.

The musician wasn’t having any of that and immediately filed a temporary restraining against his estranged wife. He accused her of violating their employee and confidentiality agreement.

Brown shares he did it to move forward and save his family from online harassment and speculation. The court documents also ordered Yazdi to delete her posts.

Searches For Kelly Yazdi Net Worth 2024 Is Surging

Amidst her messy Zac Brown drama, the spotlight has shifted to Kelly Yazdi’s net worth and financial condition.

To those unaware, Kelly began her career as an actress and stuntwoman. She initially appeared in the short film Covetous in 2013.

Later, the actress performed stunts in Helio and Katy Perry: Harleys in Hawaii. She made her breakthrough with Herb Ritts: L.A. Style, the J.P. Getty Museum documentary.

Since then, Yazdi has acted in Getting Worse, The Martial Arts Kid, The Beautiful Ones, and Hawaii Five-O.

A long-time bike fanatic and a true adventurer, Kelly founded Ride Wild for women power sport riders to join on the foundation of tribe, adventure, and purpose.

The organization often creates many events, from small campouts to adventure retreats, throughout the States. Anyone can sign up and purchase tickets from the official website.

According to Glassdoor, an average stunt performer earns $76,283 annually, while Salary.com estimates an actress’ salary to be $69,101.

Considering her involvement in both fields and including her payment from other ventures, we can estimate Kelly Yazdi’s net worth at $1 million.

Kelly Yazdi Allegedly Received Less In Alimony

Kelly Yazdi and Zac Brown’s marriage ended so soon the media was left grasping at straws to find reasons behind it.

According to some insiders, the musician divorced his second wife quickly to “minimize the damage” to his $50 million fortune.

Zac’s close friend revealed he cut out early to protect his fortune for his kids. He also quoted,

Kelly is a hard worker but not independently wealthy. So Zac is looking to make a fairly small lump payment to her and skip the monthly alimony checks, since their marriage was so short.

From Radar Online

While Kelly Yazdi’s alimony money is not revealed, it could be one reason for her ongoing messy legal drama with her estranged husband.

The model recently responded to Brown’s temporary restraining order against her. She shared about battling the issue on the court and telling her side of the story.

Additional Information About Kelly Yazdi

  • Kelly Yazdi is half Iranian and half Scandinavian from her parents’ side. Her mixed heritage has added to her exotic looks.
  • The actress graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of California Santa Barbara.
  • Kelly Yazdi has a sister named Laura Yazdi, who is a fashion blogger, content creator, and real estate investor.
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