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Ian McShane Dropped From “Last King Of The Cross” Due To Illness

Ian McShane Opens Up About Career Highs and Lows.

The news about Ian McShane’s illness and the concerns fans have continuously presented for the past few years are totally valid. But the question is, how is his health now?

Ian David McShane is a veteran actor and director best known for his movie and TV appearances, especially Lovejoy.


  • Despite health concerns that led to his replacement in the TV series “Last King Of The Cross” in late 2022, Ian McShane has continued to work actively in the entertainment industry, indicating his recovery.
  • Ian McShane has recently appeared in notable roles, including Winston Scott in John Wick: Chapter 4 and as a narrator in the One Piece series.
  • The specifics of Ian McShane’s illness were never disclosed. However, he is still a prominent figure in Hollywood, and that is all that matters.

Ian McShane’s consistent contribution to the entertainment industry, despite being in his 80s, has made the fans proud beyond imagination.

Ian McShane Dropped From “Last King Of The Cross” Due To Illness

In late 2022, Ian Mcshane was substituted from one of his most anticipated TV series, Last King Of The Cross.

It had nothing to do with schedule conflicts or creative disagreements; rather, it was due to his failing health.

Although the details of his health concerns have not been disclosed, it is known that he was taking a break from acting for his well-being until he got better.

Mark Fennessy, the series’ producer, expressed his disappointment in Ian’s absence and hoped for his speedy recovery.

Then, on March 24, 2023, he was seen on the big screen, playing Winston Scott in Chapter 4 of John Wick.

It turns out that he hasn’t taken any break afterward, as he played Wilson in the movie American Star.

In the movie, he plays the role of an assassin sent on one final assignment.

Then, he gave his voice to the character Tai Lung in the animated movie Kung Fu Panda 4.

On top of that, can we even imagine a John Wick movie without Ian Mcshane? The answer is obviously no.

Thus, in the upcoming sequel of the John Wick franchise, John Wick Presents: Ballerina, he is in talks to appear in the recurring role of Winston Scott.

Ian’s active involvement in movie production hints that he is in good health now and has successfully recovered from the so-called illness that he was suffering from.

Though the details of his illness were never revealed, the battle he won on his own is all that matters at the end of the day.

Additional Information

  • Ian Mcshane married thrice. Gwen Humble, his third wife, is an American actress.
  • The veteran actor has three grandchildren from his eldest daughter Kate McShane.
  • Ian has a net worth of $10 million, reflecting his long and successful career in the entertainment industry.
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