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Ncuti Gatwa And His Sibling Lived In Their Father’s University Accommodation

Ncuti Gatwa made his parents proud with an acting career.

Ncuti Gatwa is a Rwandan-Scottish actor famous for being Eric Effiong in Sex Education and Fifteenth Doctor in Doctor Who.

His family escaped from Rwanda and settled in Scotland. Let’s explore his siblings and parents more.


  • Ncuti Gatwa has yet to talk more about his siblings except for their names, Sabano and Sangano.
  • His parents left Rwanda when he was 2 and settled in Dunfermline when he was 15.
  • His father, Tharcisse Gatwa, is a journalist with a PhD in theology and moved to Cameroon for work.

31 years old Ncuti Gatwa was born in Nyarugenge, Kigali, Rwanda, on October 15, 1992. His parents named him Mizero Ncuti Gatwa.

He moved to Glasgow and attended the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Acting in 2013.

Later, the Royal Conservatoire awarded him an honorary doctorate at the class of 2022 graduation ceremony.

Ncuti started acting in 2013 and performed in several productions, including David Greig’s Victoria.

He publicly came out as queer in August 2023, but before that, he worked at the LGBTQ+ club The Polo Lounge, handing out flyers, and became a go-go dancer.

Ncuti Gatwa Brother And Sister Lived a Low-Key Lifestyle

Ncuti Gatwa grew up in Scotland with his two siblings, Sabano and Sangano.

However, the Rwandan-Scottish actor hasn’t talked more about his siblings. They love to live a private life far from the spotlight.

They grew up in their father’s university accommodation. These accommodations were made for international families, and then there were just kids from all over the world.

Moreover, Ncuti Gatwa and his siblings hung out at the big garden meadow in the middle of their accommodations.

They share a close bond and often share pictures on Instagram.

Furthermore, his family supported him when he felt like he was the only Black person in the world as there weren’t Black Scottish role models.

Ncuti Gatwa Parents Escaped From Rwanda By Foot

Ncuti Gatwa is the son of Josephine and Tharcisse Gatwa. They escaped from Rwanda during the genocide against the Tutsi during the Rwandan Civil War.

When his parents left Rwanda, he was only two. They lived in Oxgangs in Edinburgh, and later, when Ncuti was 15, they moved to Dunfermline.

They still live in Dunfermline, Scotland. Ncuti expressed BBC Scotland,

Landscape wise [Rwanda] looks really similar to Scotland. We were refugees, we were refugees coming to the UK and I definitely now view myself as a Rwandan Scotsman – yes there’s such a term and I’m giving it a name today! It’s a thing…I’m making it a thing.

His father is a journalist with a PhD in theology and enrolled at the University of Edinburgh.

Later, his father moved to Cameroon for work and his mother, an immigrant mum who couldn’t speak the language, raised three children.

Ncuti’s parents worked really hard to provide for their children. They were traditional Rwandan Christians and raised their children in church.

His mother taught her how to pronounce his name at 26. His name is pronounced N-shoo-tee.

Additional Information

  • Ncuti Gatwa is the first openly queer and first color actor to play a main, series-leading regeneration of the Doctor
  • It took Ncuti a long time to learn to love Scotland, as he was subjected to racial abuse while growing up.
  • He was so nervous while filming Barbie that he barely spoke on set for the first month. 
  • He has amassed an estimated net worth of $2 million.
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