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Dead Boy Detectives Star Ruth Connell Welcomes Baby Margaret Vivian Benedict With Partner Rob In Her 40s

Ruth Connell, the actress who played Rowena on the TV show Supernatural, is in a relationship with actor Rob Benedict. They welcomed a baby girl together in January 2024.

This is their first child as a couple, though Rob Benedict has two children from a previous relationship.


  • Ruth Connell and her partner, Rob, welcomed their baby girl, Margaret Vivian Benedict, on January 12, 2024.
  • Connell reflects on how events in her life, such as her daughter Margaret’s birth and career breakthroughs, often didn’t happen when she expected them to.
  • Despite her busy schedule, Ruth plans to prioritize spending time with her daughter and is looking forward to taking Margaret to Scotland to meet her relatives.

Despite recently becoming a mother, Scottish actress Ruth Connell has impressively resumed her work and is portraying the role of Night Nurse in the new Netflix series Dead Boy Detectives.

The series is a spin-off from the Sandman universe, based on the comic book characters created by Neil Gaiman.

In a recent interview with PEOPLE, she shifted the spotlight from her recent series to focus on her personal life, particularly her baby daughter, whose arrival has captivated people’s attention.

Ruth Connell’s Journey To Motherhood After Welcoming Baby Margaret with Husband Rob Benedict

Ruth Connell acknowledges that patience pays off in the end. In her late thirties, Connell met her partner, fellow cast member Rob Benedict from the series Supernatural.

Connell has long awaited the moments of motherhood, and in a conversation with PEOPLE, she mentioned,

Connell shared that events in her life never unfolded according to her expectations. She missed attending drama college and experiencing her breakthrough at the anticipated times.

She finds it intriguing that her current show and the birth of her daughter Margaret took around five years to develop and come through.

Ruth also mentioned,

Despite having her first child at 44, Connell has embraced motherhood wholeheartedly. She felt “incredibly fortunate” to work on Dead Boy Detectives while balancing her new role as a mother.

Ruth’s Secret To Juggling Work And Motherhood: Quality Time With Her Daughter!

Ruth Connell plans to allocate some time for herself and her daughter in the upcoming weeks.

They will embark on a 17-hour flight to Scotland so that Margaret can meet many of her relatives and, as the actress mentioned, “breathe in that good, Scottish air.”

Despite her hectic schedule, Connell takes it all in her stride, expressing gratitude for her current circumstances.

“It’s hard to talk about without getting emotional,” she adds.

When asked about the timing of all her recent successes — from the birth of her daughter to the premiere of her new show — Connell reflects on advice she once received from an acting coach during a particularly challenging time in her career.

Additional Information on Ruth Connell

  • Ruth Connell and Rob Benedict have been together for several years, since around 2018.
  • She first appeared as Rowena in Supernatural’s 10th season in 2014 and continued the recurring role until the show’s finale in 2020.
  • Her portrayal of Rowena’s complex and morally ambiguous character was widely praised by fans and critics alike.
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