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Gabrielle Dennis As Cass Is Surprised To Know Her Husband’s Dinner Date With Colleague In The Big Door Prize

Cass never thought Dusty would date so soon after their breakup.

Gabrielle Dennis plays Cass, who discovers she is much more than a doting wife and mother in the second installment of the Big Door Prize.

The Big Door Prize” is a light-hearted TV show that started on Apple TV+ on March 29, 2023.


  • Cass and Dusty split following the prophency of the Machine and hoped if they could lead better life.
  • Cass led the road of self-exploration and formed robust bond with Hana, who had been a loner most of the times.
  • Cass is surprised that how could her husband Dusty set up a romantic date only a day after they decided to break up.

The series follows a small town’s grocery store, where a mysterious machine pops up, claiming to predict people’s “Life Potential.”

The Big Door Prize Season 2 Official Trailer

In the first season, a bizarre machine named Morpho Machine predicted the future of the town’s pupil, and everyone attempted to alter their lives overnight.

Now, the second season of The Big Door Prize remodels the stars of town pupils again in a distinctive way they could never have imagined.

Surprisingly, Cass And Dusty Parted, And Cass Bonded With Hana


The Big Door Prize (Season 2)

The mysterious machine unlocks the next stage


Drama Comedy Mystery
Released Date
March 29, 2023 –
CastsStarsChris O’Dowd
Gabrielle Dennis
Sammy Fourlas
DirectorsSatya Bhabha
Jordan Canning
Heather Jack
Steven K. Tsuchida
WritersMason Hsieh
Olive Jane Lorraine

Cass (Gabrielle Dennis) and Dusty (Chris O’Dowd) were leading a blissfully married life with their daughter, until Morpho Machine molded their life potential.

It was like yesterday when Dusty considered Cass his eyes, ears, and right hand, but he knew he would have to cut off part of it if she overindulged him.

And he did it. The duo Cass and Dusty decided to follow the Morpho Machine prophecy and walk a different path for six months.

Also, Dusty longed to know if his relationship with Cass was right for him because he’d spent so much time with her that he couldn’t imagine life without her.

Unlike people who quickly move from one relationship to another, Dusty’s only known Cass.

So, he hoped their relationship would be solid, but he was also unsure what would happen.

In Cass’s case, she took some time off for self-exploration, where she realized that she was the main lead rather than just a side character in someone else’s story.

Additionally, she formed a close-knit relationship with Hana, who had never used the Machine like anyone from the town.

Back at the Hubbard residence, Hana revealed her past, explaining why she shunned relationships.

Sent to boarding school as a child, she felt abandoned and grew to resent everyone.

Despite Nat and Cass’s desire to hug her, she refused. Instead, Hana asked about their histories, sparking a beautiful bonding moment.

Cass Is Startled To Know Dusty Set Up His Date Quite Quickly

During their break-up, they agreed to see other people.

So Dusty goes out to dinner with a colleague named Alice. The night starts awkwardly but ends sweetly with a prolonged hug.

He hadn’t opened up to anyone emotionally other than Cass, so it’s unsettling for him to bond over readily.

Afterward, Cass visited Dusty in his basement room, his “man pad,” where they finally discussed his date.

Cass explained to Dusty that the hug wasn’t the problem; instead, she was taken aback by how quickly he went on a date after they decided to take a break.

Especially considering Dusty’s usual lack of spontaneity, the fact that he took 10 days to play the theremin made her feel like he had been planning this for a while and maybe had feelings for this girl all along.

The review team of Peace To Road Films believes Cass’s perspective sheds light on her feelings of hurt and betrayal, as she interprets Dusty’s actions as potentially an underlying feeling for his colleague, Alice.

Additional Information

  • The first season of The Big Door Prize got a 92% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, with critics liking the relatable characters and the show’s concept.
  • The second season also got a 92% approval on Rotten Tomatoes, based on 13 critic reviews.
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