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Michael Che Parents Nathaniel And Rose Are No Longer Together

Michael Che's mother once kicked him out of the house.

Michael Che parents raised him in a humble household. He grew up in an extended family.

Did you catch Michael Che’s stepmom skit on SNL this past Sunday? Melissa McCarthy was hilarious, portraying the elder character on the show.

Key Takeaways

  • Michael Che is the youngest of seven children of his parents, Nathaniel and Rose Campbell.
  • The SNL cast member rarely discusses his family affairs in the media.
  • Michael Che was kicked out of his house during his rebellious teenage years.

The Weekend Update anchor looked so done next to McCarthy, who constantly delivered gags next to him. She praised Che’s every word and acted like the proudest step-mom.

While Michael Che’s mom was absent from the Mother’s Day Special opening, Melissa made up for it with her overcaring and supportive persona on the comedy skit.

Michael Che’s Father, Nathaniel Campbell, Admired Che Guevara

The comedian was born to his parents, Nathaniel and Rose Campbell, on May 19, 1983. As mentioned before, he had a large family with six siblings.

Michael’s full name is Michael Che Campbell. If you thought his middle name sounded familiar, you are not wrong.

Michael Che’s father, Nathaniel Campbell, was a history buff and a massive admirer of Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara.

The man liked the Latin revolutionary so much that he named his youngest son after Guevara. Michael doesn’t mind being linked to the controversial political figure and proudly carries his name.

Unfortunately, not much is known about Nathaniel, as Michael prefers to keep his family life discreet.

Michael Che’s Mother, Rose Campbell, Kicked Him Out Of House

The comedian was the youngest of his parents’ seven children. He grew up in public housing in Lower Manhattan.

Michael Che’s parents divorced when he was small. Afterward, his mom, Rose Campbell, held three jobs to raise her children.

It was already challenging enough to raise seven little ones in New York. Hence, the family survived on meager things.

I was raised a poor Black child. My mother worked, like, three jobs. We were very poor.

From CBS News

Rose Campbell was a strict mom who didn’t tolerate indiscipline. Michael was a very rebellious kid and often clashed with his mom during his teen years.

Fed up by his antics, Michael Che’s mother kicked him out of their house at 14. He then lived with his sister.

But everything is fine between the mother-son duo at present. The actor even read his mother’s hilarious birthday message during a radio live.

As Michael and Rose were absent during SNL’s cold opening on Mother’s Day, many discussed Rose’s whereabouts on Reddit.

Contrary to speculations, Ms. Campbell is fine and living off the media radar.

Additional Information About Michael Che

  • One of Michael Che’s four brothers is a retired law enforcement officer, while the other is a detective with the New York Police Department.
  • The comedian has been on SNL since 2013.
  • Michael Che is currently single. However, he has been linked with many celebrities, including Heidi Gardner and Leslie Jones.
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