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Navigating Through Tragedy: Jeff Bonnett’s Journey After Losing His Mom & Dad At A Teenage

Jeff Bonnett's Remarkable Journey to Stardom After Overcoming Tragedy.

AZN, whose real name is Jeff Bonnett, is a cast member of the popular reality TV show “Street Outlaws” who went through some really tough times in his life.

The loss of his mother and, later, his father undoubtedly shaped him into the person he is today.

Despite the challenges he faced, Jeff’s determination and passion for racing never wavered.


  • Jeff Bonnett, aka AZN, faced immense grief and challenges after losing both his parents at a young age.
  • Despite these tragedies, he found the strength to keep moving forward and pursue his passion for street racing.
  • AZN embarked on a journey to reclaim his first car, a 1964 Chevy II/Nova.

The Discovery series Street Outlaws delves into the secretive empire of street racing in Oklahoma City.

This offers viewers an insider’s perspective on the intense rivalries, high stakes, and colorful gossip that define this subculture.

One standout personality among the cast is Jeff Bonnett, known as AZN.

Despite his preference for flying under the radar both on and off camera, fans celebrate AZN with his entertaining trash-talking antics.

The dynamic duo’s AZN and his pal Sean Whitley’s on-screen chemistry have captivated audiences, earning them a dedicated following.

Despite facing multiple tragedies of losing both his parents, Jeff’s ability to keep moving forward, even after facing such tough times, shows just how strong he is.

The Tragic Journey Of Jeff Bonnett After Losing His Parents at a Young Age

Jeff Bonnett, also known as AZN, went through some really tough times in his life. One of the hardest things he faced was losing both of his parents.

AZN is of mixed ethnicity, with a Taiwanese mother, Motsu Bonett, and an American father, Denis Bonnett, who is a Vietnam War veteran.

Unfortunately, his mother battled cancer during his teenage years and eventually succumbed to the disease, leaving Jeff and his family devastated by the loss.

Later, in 2001, his father, Dennis, passed away due to a heart condition, a defective heart valve.

These losses left Jeff and his sister Brenda orphaned, deeply impacting their lives.

Losing both parents at a relatively young age undoubtedly brought immense grief and challenges for Jeff and his sister.

They had to deal with all the emotions of losing their mom and dad, and they also had to figure out how to go on without them.

These tragedies had a big impact on Jeff’s life. But despite everything, he found a way to keep going.

He got into street racing and found a sense of belonging and purpose in that world.

The ups and downs Jeff experienced, especially being excluded from races due to his unwillingness to compete fiercely, show the complexities of the street racing world.

Nonetheless, his determination to make the best of any situation is truly admirable.

AZN’s Remarkable Journey From First Wheels To The Street Outlaws

Jeff is an entrepreneur and motorsports enthusiast. AZN and Farmtruck shared insights about AZN’s journey to reclaim his first car, a 1964 Chevy II/Nova, after selling it.

In a 2018 interview with Motortrend, AZN reminisced about the car, which had a straight-six engine and a manual transmission.

Farmtruck tracked down the car in the Carolinas and restored it to its original condition before returning it to him.

Reflecting on his first car, AZN recalled how he and his father transplanted a V-8 engine and an automatic transmission into it.

This car held sentimental value as it was where he had his first street race, received his first ticket, and met Farmtruck during a street race.

To finance the purchase of his first car, his father acted as a lender, providing him with a loan of $2800, which AZN repaid monthly.

Additionally, AZN’s father taught him how to drive the car, although AZN humorously described him as a strict teacher who did more yelling than teaching.

Nonetheless, he acknowledged that he learned to drive properly through his father’s guidance, while Farmtruck refined his driving skills further.

Jeff is currently a cast member on the show Street Outlaws, known for his antics, trash-talking, and partnership with Farmtruck.

Additional Information

  • AZN hails from Oklahoma City, which is the primary setting for the Street Outlaws show.
  • He and Farmtruck are fan favorites on the show, known for their antics, friendly banter, and heavily modified race cars.
  • In 2022, Farmtruck and AZN starred in a spin-off series titled “Street Outlaws: Farmtruck and AZN Down Under,” where they took their racing adventures to Australia.
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