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Christina Vignaud Made Her Cameo Appearance In FBI: International

Christina and Luke Kleintank made their first public appearance as a couple in 2016, walking hand in hand on the red carpet.

Christina Vignaud recently appeared in FBI: International, where she had a non-speaking cameo as an Ambassador’s wife.

Christina Vignaud’s character appears in a stunning red gown, arm-in-arm with her ambassador husband. Though she can’t speak, she shares a scene with her real-life husband, Luke Kleintank.


  • Christina has made her cameo appearance in the FBI: International.
  • Christina was married to actor Luke Kleintank on May 2, 2021.
  • Christina and Luke had one daughter named Ruby Roland Kleintank while they were in Budapest.
  • Christina Vignaud is the daughter of later Argentinean diplomat Juan Carlos Vignaud.

FBI: International is an American crime TV series which airs on CBS. It is the second spin-off from Dick Wolf’s drama FBI and the third series in the FBI franchise.

The series follows a team of FBI special agents investigating crime and terrorism abroad.

Similarly, Christina, along with the Fly team, goes to Spain to investigate a case involving an American citizen who is accused by Spanish authorities of murdering his boyfriend.

Christina Vignaud Was Born Between The Late ’80s And Early ’90s

Some sources have estimated her age to be between 30 and 35.

Moreover, her husband, Luke Kleintank, is years old as of 2024. So, Christian Vignaud’s age is assumed to hang around that figure.

Christina Vignaud had a fantastic cameo on FBI: International. (Source: IMDb)

She was born to a late father, Juan Carlos Vignaud, and a mother, Catherine Fredriksen Vignaud.

Her father was an Argentinean diplomat who was the country’s ambassador to many countries, including America, Norway, Iceland, and many more, whereas her mother used to be a professional skier.

Christina Vignaud’s Husband Is Luke Kleintank

Following her cameo appearance in the FBI: International, it is clear that Christina Vignaud is also an actress like her husband, Luke Kleintank.

Christina and Luke Kleintank made their first public appearance as a couple in 2016, walking hand in hand on the red carpet.

Moreover, Christina Vignaud’s Facebook page shows she is married to Luke Kleintank. The couple engaged on December 4, 2018, and later tied the knot on May 2, 2021.

Christina Vignaud is the wife of actor Luke Kleintank.

The couple is blessed with one daughter named Ruby Roland Kleintank, born in October 2022.

Previously, Luke revealed that his wife Christina became pregnant in Budapest, Hungary, while he was working for the FBI: International Season 1.

However, Luke and Christian have managed to keep their daughter away from social media and the public eye.

Before Luke was in a relationship with Christina, he was linked to his Man in the High Castle co-star, Alexa Davalos.

Choice Of Creators To Shoot The Show In Easter Europe Looks Excellent

The review team of Roadtopeacefilms found the series interesting as the cast and characters matched the shooting location.

The creators made a great decision by placing the show in Eastern Europe.

As numerous reviews have noted, despite its shortcomings, the cast’s varied backgrounds and peculiar locale create an intriguing foreign atmosphere that makes the film worth watching.

Moreover, the Roadtopacefilms disagree with the many reviews claiming this offshoot is worse than Most Wanted.

This show is pretty weak, but a mini-European vacation every week is lovely. Also, the premise of the crimes committed is more feasible than on Most Wanted.

Additional Information

  • Luke Kleintank has revealed that her wife, Christina Vignaud, can speak six languages.
  • Christina Vignaud’s husband, Luke Kleintank, has an estimated net worth of $14.8 million as of 2024.
  • After three years, Luke Kleintank leaves the CBS spin-off series FBI: International.
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