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Erika Christensen, AKA Angie’s Future On Will Trent Is Being Questioned

Erika Christensen's fate on show explained

Erika Christensen, who plays Angie Polaski on Will Trent, has caused shockwaves online as speculations emerge about her departure from the series.

The last episode of the Will Trent Season 2 hinted at the possible departure of the actress, Erika, who had been there since day one.


  • Fans speculate that Erika Christensen’s character, Angie Polaski, may leave the series after a shocking twist in the last episode of Will Trent Season 2.
  • Despite the intense ending, where Angie is handcuffed for her crimes, there has been no official confirmation of her departure from the show.
  • Show creators Liz Heldens and Daniel Thomsen have hinted at different possibilities for Angie’s character, indicating potential future developments and their impact on the show’s direction.

Angie Polaski is the Atlantic Police Department Homicide Detective who brings humor and buoyancy to the thrilling and heartwrenching storyline of the series, which creates balance.

Moreover, she is shown as the love interest of the series’ protagonist, Will Trent, played by Ramón Rodríguez.

Their on-and-off relationship sets the stage for speculation and often jeopardizes the series’ continuation, but that’s how the plots work.

Addressing The Speculations Regarding Angie Leaving Will Trent

After having a closer outlook of each of the characters in their private lives, the tenth episode of the series showed an unexpected twist, leaving the viewers in awe.

In the final episode, Will Trent and his team are found chasing the real killer, Crystal, who targeted the offenders across Georgia.

Initially, the attention drifted away from her, which consequently encouraged Crystal to go on a killing spree, leaving behind multiple bodies of the victims as proof of her heinous act.

Then, as police appear to confront her, she jumps off a river, hits her head on a rock, and meets her end.

Although Crystal passed away, Will decided to handcuff Angie for her wrongdoing, leaving her character in a state of shock.

This was because Angie committed the crime of concealing Crystal’s murder, which ultimately led to the passing of other innocent lives.

This has made the viewers concerned about Angie’s future in the show. However, her official departure has not been announced, and speculations are insufficient to jump to conclusions.

Thus, despite the shocking ending, it does not necessarily mean that the actress will leave the show for good. The story might take another turn after it is renewed for season 3.

Directors’ Speech Diverges Perceptions Of Erika Christensen’s Future On The Show

In an interview with TVLine, the creators Liz Heldens and Daniel Thomsen commented on Erika’s future in the show.

Heldens stated that everything is put on the table about Angie, appreciating her work and wanting to hear more of her story through Will Trent,

“We’ve talked about that, and we’ve talked about a path back. Everything is on the table now. We have to look at the ecosystem of the show. But we are big, big, big Erika Christensen fans over here. I love watching her, and personally I would follow [Angie] wherever she went.”


This hints that Angie’s character still has a future ahead of her.

In addition, she commented about Will and Angie’s relationship and how Will shifted the dimension of romance in real life by choosing the right thing instead of your partner.

However, Thomsen stated the possibility of a short court trial to be followed in season 3.

He ended his remarks by saying that the series will mark a significant departure in Angie’s life.

Thus, the directors’ take has divided the viewers into two different perspectives: one that believes Angie will depart from the show and the other that is hopeful about her consistency in the series.

Apart from all this, multiple reports suggest that ‘Will Trent’ season 3 will be delayed, which might affect the show’s future.

Additional Information

  • The actress, Erika Christensen, has an estimated net worth of $10 million.
  • Despite being in relationships with different people, she married Cole Maness on 5 September 2015.
  • Erika guest stars as FBI Special Agent Lauren Cooper in the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.
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