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Isabela Merced First Tattoo Honors Her Mom, Katherine

Isabela Merced, Imagen Awards winner, is in the spotlight for her remarkable portrayal of Aza Holmes in the romantic drama Turtles All the Way Down.

She is also a singer and released her first single, Papi, on October 25, 2019.


  • Isabela Merced has inked two tattoos as of 2024.
  • Her first tattoo honors her mother, who suffered from breast cancer.
  • She has a second tattoo that is similar to the Pisces symbol.

She is not only famous for her career endeavors but also for her unique tattoo. Let’s explore its meaning and design.

Isabela Merced, who was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on July 10, 2001, is the 22-year-old daughter of Katherine and Patrick Moner.

Since childhood, she has loved acting and stepped into the entertainment industry after a fire destroyed her family’s Cleveland home.

Her parents, wanting to distract her from the loss, let her audition for a local production of The Wizard of Oz.

She debuted as a young Nadia in the 2013 film The House That Jack Built, followed by the role of Jenny in the 2014 sitcom Growing Up Fisher.

Nonetheless, she will be seen as Hawkgirl in Superman and Dina in The Last of Us, which will be released in 2025.

Isabela Merced’s First Tattoo Dedicated To Her Mom, Katherine

Isabela Merced paid tribute to her mother with a tattoo when she found her mother was battling with breast cancer.

She had inked Roman numerals on her left wrist, which might denote a particular date.

Although the exact meaning behind these numerals remains unclear, she clarified that this tattoo is in honor of her mother.

She shared it on Instagram with the caption, “Got a little tattoo for mum” on September 20, 2019.

This touching gesture reflects her deep love and appreciation for her mom, especially during challenging times.

Isabela loves her mom, who taught her the importance of culture and heritage. She expressed,

The day I found out my mom had breast cancer, everything else seemed insignificant. This tested me more than anything I’ve ever experienced in my life. It could’ve brought me down, I could’ve become a bitter person… but I have never felt more faithful.

Her tattoo is a beautiful reminder of a daughter’s and her mother’s bond.

In addition, she has another tattoo on her right forearm, similar to the Pisces symbol. She got a tattoo of two fishes swimming next to each other in a circular motion.

She might have inked it in May 2021. However, it’s unclear what her second tattoo actually means and is dedicated to.

Although netizens loved her first Roman numerals tattoo, her fans had mixed feelings about her second one.

Additional Information

  • Isabela Merced considers herself more Peruvian than American and stated that Spanish was her first language.
  • Her real name is Isabela Yolanda Moner, but she changed her stage name to Isabela Merced on October 14, 2019, in memory of her late grandmother, whom she never met.
  • She is the middle child and has an elder brother, Jared, and a younger brother, Giovanni.
  • She started acting in the local community theatre at 6 and made her Broadway debut at age ten in a production of Evita.
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