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Has Tom Segura Done Plastic Surgery? Injury And Health 2024

Tom Segura plastic surgery news has come out of the blue. He hasn’t disclosed about getting anything done so far.

Actor, writer, podcaster, comedian, and author—these adjectives describe only one person: Tom Segura.

The guy is best known for co-hosting Your Mom’s House podcast, which he began in 2010. There, he discusses his daily life with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky.

Key Takeaways

  • Tom Segura was rumored to have had a Botox after his red-faced appearance in his podcast.
  • Segura had a nasty fall while having a slam dunk contest with his cohost.
  • The comedian’s team captured the entire incident on camera and later shared it online.

Segura joins fellow stand-up comedian Bert Kreischer on their Two Bears One Cave podcast. These two burly guys make each other laugh with their hilarious antics and jokes.

The comedian does podcasts, tours around the country, and has released a book, I’d Like to Play Alone, Please.

Tom Segura Plastic Surgery Rumors Are Only Mere Speculations

It’s hilarious that people assume Tom Segura has gone under the knife. His macho personality and manly facial features suggest otherwise.

It seems these speculations come from a Reddit discussion. The OP suggested that the big guy looked different from his past self in his recent Your Mom House Podcast episode.

There, Tom revealed that a ceiling light fell on his face, causing him minor burns. His wife genuinely seemed concerned for him and asked him not to film.

Christina Pazsitzky: We shouldn’t film today. those are like third degree burns on your face sweetie. If you don’t get them treated they could blister and really mess your skin up.

Tom Segura: it’s only my face. it’s not that important.

From Your Mom’s House Podcast

The Reddit user allegedly showed her Aesthetician friend clips of Segura from the Red Face Incident. The latter claimed the red face was likely due to a botched laser peel.

This Aesthetician also suggested that the comedian had a lip filler on his upper lip, and his minor lisp gives it away.

Others disagreed with the OP and shared their own inputs. In addition, Segura has not commented on this matter, and it’s likely that his red face resulted from the accident.

Tom Segura Sustained Gruesome Injury During A Basketball Game

While light on the face didn’t cause much harm to Tom, he was once hospitalized after an injury from a basketball game.

It happened on December 1, 2020, when Segura was having a friendly basketball match with his co-host Bert Kreischer.

When Tom tried to dunk a basketball, he slipped and nastily fell on his left arm. To add insult to injury, he hurt his knee as well.

Multiple cameras captured Tom Segura’s injury, and his team later uploaded the video to YouTube. However, the platform removed the video, calling it too graphic.

The comedian had surgery on December 4th and stayed in the hospital for a few more days afterward. He still has a huge scar on his arm.

Additional Information About Tom Segura

  • To watch Tom Segura’s shows, audiences must be 21 or older. Minors can attend them if accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • The comedian shares two sons, Julian and Ellis Segura, with his wife, Christina Pazsitzky.
  • Tom Segura’s net worth of $14 million comprises his income from his standup tours.
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