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James Gunn Laughed Off His Related Rumors With Anna Gunn

“Why do people always ask if I’m related to Anna Gunn but almost never if I’m related to Tim Gunn? It’s not like she’s incredibly more famous than he is, so the disparity confuses me. By the way, I’m related to neither.”

James posted on Facebook on December 23, 2014.

The post came after fans started speculating about the potential connection between Anna and James due to their strong resemblance and similar surnames.


  • James Gunn has five siblings: four brothers and one sister, none of whom are related to Anna Gunn.
  • Anna is a divorcee and the mother of two daughters. She doesn’t have any siblings.

James Gunn’s Viral Facebook Declaration

It’s common for celebs to have similar-sounding names and surnames in Hollywood. However, this does not always mean that they have any family connection. Anna and James are two examples.

Despite James clearing things up back in 2014 with a Facebook post, the rumors likely reappeared from a Twitter post by user @Massive_Peace on March 19, 2023.

Aside from denying his relationship with Anna, James had also mentioned his ancestry to make it more truthful.

The filmmaker laughed off the rumors of him being linked to Anna and clarified that her surname likely had Scottish origins. On the contrary, he is Irish, and his grandparents changed their last name to Gunn when they moved to the States.

Anna Gunn And James Gunn Have Different Family Backgrounds

The Breaking Bad star was born in Cleveland, Ohio, on August 11, 1968.

Anna Gunn’s mother, Sharon Anna Kathryn Gunn, was an interior designer, while her dad, Clemebs Earl Gunn Jr., worked in real estate.

Contrary to her supposed relationship with James Gunn, the actress doesn’t have a sibling and is the only child of her parents.

On the other hand, James Gunn grew up in an extended family of eight in St. Louis, Missouri. His parents, James F. Gunn and Leota Gunn, welcomed six children, including him.

To each their own, the Gunn brothers are involved in multiple ventures. For instance, Sean Gunn is a renowned actor who starred in the Guardians of the Galaxy.

James Gunn’s brother, Brian Gunn, is a screenwriter and producer. Matt Gunn is a political writer, and Patrick Gunn is Artisan Entertainment’s Senior vice president.

Finally, Beth Gunn, the last of the Gunn siblings, is a lawyer and James Gunn’s only sister.

Additional Information

  • Anna Gunn was married to Scottish actor Alastair Duncan. The ex-pair shares two daughters, Eila Rose, and Emma Duncan.
  • The actress is of German, Polish, Slovak, and distant Dutch and Irish ethnicity.
  • James Gunn is married to actress Jennifer Holland of The Suicide Squad.
  • James was initially married to Jenna Fischer but called it quits after seven years of marriage.
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