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Bankruptcy Takes A Toll On Jeff Daniels As Charlie Croker’s Wife Serena And Ex-Wife Martha In A Man In Full

Charlie Croker wife Serena takes a demeanor of a trophy wife, while his ex-wife Martha entangles in his rival conspiracy.

In “A Man in Full,” Jeff Daniels plays Charlie Croker, whose life revolves around his current wife, Serena Croker, played by Sarah Jones, and his ex-wife, Martha Croker, portrayed by Diane Lane.

The series follows Charlie Croker, a former football star turned rich Atlanta billionaire.


  • Charlie Croker wife Serena Croker might seem like a gold digger but she is weak in knees for her narcassist husband.
  • Raymond envies of Charlie Croker, so he steps up to be closer with his ex-wife Martha, and plots revenge.
  • Charlie Croker rages as he sees the sight of Raymond and his wife being intimate behind his back.

Despite facing bankruptcy, he’s determined to maintain his extravagant lifestyle, complete with private jets and vast ranches, and even hired Shania Twain for his lavish birthday bash.

NetFlix A Man In Full Official Trailer

David E. Kelley created the series “A Man In Full,” which Regina King and Thomas Schlamme directed.

Based on Tom Wolfe’s novel of the same name, the TV show with six episodes premiered on Netflix on May 2, 2024.

Warning: This Post Contains A Spoiler

Charlie Croker’s Wife Serena Isn’t Just A Trophy Spouse And Gold Digger


A Man In Full

When an extravagance lifestyle comes to an end


Drama Fiction Legal Story
Released DateMay 2, 2024
CastsJeff Daniels
Diane Lane
Tom Pelphrey
DirectorsRegina King
Thomas Schlamme
WritersDavid E. Kelley
Tom Wolfe

Jeff Daniels plays Charlie Croker’s luxurious lifestyle as a one-percenter faces a sudden threat during a bank meeting.

Raymond Peepgrass and Harry Zale, two eager bankers, deliver the news that his loans are due immediately.

According to Peepgrass, Croker visibly sweats, a sign of his nerves, as the pressure mounts, and Peepgrass becomes obsessed with seeing Croker fall.

The consequences of Croker’s potential downfall ripple through the lives of those around him, including his wife Serena, ex-wife Martha, and his son Wally, who is going through a rebellious phase.

However, Serena, Croker’s current trophy wife, tries to control her extravagant husband, but she finds it challenging to keep him in check.

In the first episode, Serena, who is 28 years old, accompanies Charlie to a crucial bank meeting.

She dresses in a bold, matching pink jacket and dress combo, embracing a look that some might consider stereotypically feminine.

Serena and Charlie are aware of people’s comments about their relationship, but Serena doesn’t shy away from dressing in a way that draws attention.

It appears that Serena is the gold digger in the TV show. Nonetheless, Jones aimed to avoid portraying Serena as a stereotypical gold digger, a trope that has been overused in storytelling.

Instead, Sarah Jones wanted to emphasize that Serena genuinely loves Charlie.

Charlie Croker’s Ex-Wife Martha Has An Affair With His Rival

Raymond met Martha Croker at a party and attempted to flirt with her. Martha, who was in a different mindset then, entertained his advances.

They went on several dates, and Raymond began spending more time at her place. However, Raymond’s motivations for getting close to Martha were multifaceted.

Firstly, he found it prestigious to be with a woman who had been with Charlie.

Secondly, he wanted to prove to Charlie that he could enjoy a similar status.

Most importantly, Raymond aimed to persuade Martha to sell her shares in the Concourse, a venture jointly owned by Wally, Charlie, and herself.

At the end of “A Man in Full,” an unforeseen event occurs that catches even Charlie off guard.

After learning about the LLC development, Charlie pays a visit to Martha’s house, only to discover her engaged in an intimate act with Raymond

The review team of Road To Peace Films found Raymond always admired Charlie’s ability to live on his own terms without compromise, but he also recognized Charlie’s impulsiveness and pride, which often led to serious consequences.

Additional Information

  • On November 4, 2021, Netflix announced that it had ordered a series based on Tom Wolfe’s novel “A Man in Full.
  • Rotten Tomatoes reported a 46% approval rating for the series “A Man in Full,” with an average rating of 5.4 out of 10, based on 26 critic reviews.
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