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The Remarkable Portrayal of Josh Charles as CIA Agent Max Peterson in ‘The Veil’

Josh Charles has been cast in the upcoming FX limited series “The Veil,” where he plays a character representing the CIA.

Charles gained recognition as an actor for his roles in shows like The Good Wife and Sports Night.


  • Portraying CIA agent Max Peterson, Josh Charles brings depth to the American archetype, promising an intriguing character development in the spy thriller series.
  • Premiering on Hulu on April 30, 2023, “The Veil” is a highly awaited international spy thriller written by Steven Knight.
  • Known for his versatility across film, television, and theater, Josh Charles gained widespread recognition for his role in “The Good Wife,” earning Emmy nominations.

The series, starring Elisabeth Moss, is an international spy thriller that will premiere on Hulu on April 30, 2023.

The Veil is written by Steven Knight, also known for Peaky Blinders and Serenity. The first two episodes premiere on April 30, 2024, and subsequent episodes will be released weekly.

In this series, Elisabeth Moss is in the lead role as a highly-skilled operative as a double agent caught between the truth and lies of her roles, whereas Josh Charles plays the role of a CIA agent.

CIA Agent Max Peterson, Portrayed By Josh Charles, Is the American Archetype in ‘The Veil’

Max Peterson’s character in “The Veil” has sparked some intrigue and anticipation!

With his description as “the most American American America has ever produced,” it seems he might bring a particular archetype or persona to the series.

Characters like that often have layers beneath the surface, so seeing how Max develops and his role in the operation will be interesting.

Josh Charles plays Max Peterson in “The Veil,” a character who will engage with Moss’ character, a female deep cover operative, as they navigate the complicated world of spying.

Moreover, Charles stars as an agent, a well-turned-out, confident, and proud American. In his opinion, the bigger, the better.

He holds a prominent position within the CIA and leads the task force that averted a major incident in the United States.

In addition, Max’s journey leads him to Paris, where he collaborates with Malik, his counterpart at the DGSE.

Malik’s boss describes Josh Charles’s character, Max Peterson, as the epitome of American identity.

While the specifics of Max’s character remain undisclosed, there is anticipation that he will play a significant and intriguing role in the series. He potentially could become a standout character.

Josh Charles Is A Versatile Talent Across Screens and Stages

Josh Charles is an American actor who has earned recognition for his film, television, and theater performances.

Additionally, he gained widespread recognition for his portrayal of Will Gardner on the CBS drama series The Good Wife (2009-2016).

He also received two Primetime Emmy Award nominations for his performance. Charles was born on September 15, 1971, in Baltimore, Maryland.

He has worked in various notable films, including “Dead Poets Society” (1989), “Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead” (1991), and “Threesome” (1994).

Moreover, Josh starred as Will Gardner in “The Good Wife,” earning critical acclaim and two Emmy nominations.

He is active on social media, particularly Instagram (@mrjoshcharles), where he shares updates about his personal and professional life.

Josh recently appeared in Taylor Swift’s short film All Too Well (2021), which praises her as a “kick-ass director.”

Additional Information About Josh Charles

  • In September 2013, Charles tied the knot with a ballet dancer and writer, Sophie Flack. Their first child, a son, was born on December 9, 2014. Then, on August 23, 2018, Charles shared on his Instagram that Flack had given birth to their second child, a daughter.
  • Charles is the son of Allan Charles, who works as an advertising executive. He identifies as Jewish, a heritage he traces through his father’s side, and he has openly described himself as such.
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