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Emma Myers As Enid Sinclair Unravels Horror Mystery With Wednesday In Season 2

Emma Myers in a breakthrough role as Enid Sinclair, Wednesday’s roommate, allowed her to shine as an actress. She’s eager to see Enid’s character grow and gain more self-confidence in the upcoming season.

Wednesday” premiered on Netflix in November 2022 with Jenna Ortega as the lead, quickly becoming a fan favorite and a standout project for the streaming platform.


  • The new season might start with Enid, besides her best friend, Wednesday Addams, thinking out loud to resolve the issues.
  • Some fan theories imply that Enid could develop into a villainous character later.
  • With Enid now a full werewolf in Wednesday’s season 2, folks are guessing whether she will form a troop of other werewolves and solve the horror mystery.

Enid is portrayed as a bright and optimistic werewolf, unlike Jenna Ortega‘s character, Wednesday, who is more solemn and sarcastic.

She lived in Wednesday’s shadow for much of the first season, often feeling overlooked despite being a werewolf herself.

She was usually brushed off whenever she tried to share her feelings with her roommate at Nevermore Academy.

However, as the season progressed, their relationship softened, and by the end, Enid and Wednesday grew closer than ever before.

Emma Myers In The Role Of Enid Sinclair Fathoms Out Horror Mystery

The first season of Wednesday prioritized the romance genre by triggering the different love angles at Nevermore Academy.

The new season might commence with Wednesday Addams thinking out loud to resolve the issues where the first season ends and Enid appearing besides her like she used to.

No brainer, Enid shall cling to Wednesday like she did in the previous franchise and will drive her nuts again.

It beats out the fan theories suggesting that Enid, given her bubbly and sweet-natured personality, could develop into a villainous character later.

Regarding the story development in the second installment, Myers wants Enid to embrace her wolf abilities instead of being scared of them.

The actress hopes she’ll start taking the lead instead of just going along with them.

Enid Sinclair’s Character Development As A Matured Werewolf Is Possible

In the Season 1 finale, trouble is still brewing in Nevermore. The Hyde is still at large, and Wednesday receives scary messages and photos from an unknown person.

This proves there are still threats, not just to Wednesday but to the whole school.

Wednesday might not be glad about the news, but she might be intrigued by the idea of a new spooky mystery to solve.

Similarly, Enid doesn’t mind taking a step in being benevolent to her best friend, Wednesday.

Initially, Enid, the werewolf, concealed her powers because she was a late bloomer. Instead of fully transforming, she only revealed her multi-colored claws when emotional.

But one night, under a full-blood moon in the woods, she finally “wolfed out” entirely and joined Wednesday to fight off a Hyde, showing her proper werewolf form for the first time.

With Enid now a full werewolf in Wednesday’s season 2, folks wonder where the story will go.

Perhaps Tim Burton shall dish the fan theories and make Enid more mature and powerful enough to untangle the web of spooky

Additional Information

  • Enid comprehends Wednesday more in a way that she doesn’t show emotion when she refuses to embrace.
  • When Enid turned into a werewolf, she looked like a wolf walking on two legs, with a bent back, no tail, and longer, sharper teeth. But she still had her colorful highlights from her human form.
  • Enid was apprehensive about being a late bloomer in her pack. She feared they might kick her out if she didn’t transform soon.
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