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The Movie New Life Shows Sonya Walger As Elsa Gray Ending Jessica’s Expedition By Herself

Despite the degenerative condition, Elsa Gray embarks to the Canadian border to end Jessica's trail by herself.

Sonya Walger plays Elsa Gary, an elite fixer on a mission to lay hold of Jessica Murdock, either dead or alive, in the apocalyptic movie New Life.

New Life,” an indie Canadian thriller by debut filmmaker John Rosman, premiered at the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal last year.


  • Elsa takes on the protective yellow suit before going on a hunt to find Jessica.
  • She finds Jess on the deserted house but sees her transforming to bloody zombie looklike changes.
  • Elsa, once a refined agent sufferes from ALS but hides it from everone to embark on the mission alone.

The film offers an apocalyptic survival story with gripping tension and intense thrills, and it is gearing up for a US release this May 3rd.

In “New Life,” the plotlines summarize the fates of two women whose stories become inseparable as they navigate a world on the brink of apocalypse.

John Rosman’s New Life Trailer

Eventually, their journey leads to a chilling showdown as the trailer showcases Jessica (Hayley Erin)fleeing to the Canadian border from what seems to be a deadly disease.

Still, questions arise—if Jess, aka Jessica, has succumbed to disease, or is it something more sinister lurking in the shadows?

Elsa Gray Discovers Jessica In An Abandoned House


New Life

Two Parallel life in an apocalyptic scenario


Horror Drama Thriller
Release DateMay 3, 2024
CastsSonya Walger
Tony Amendola
Hayley Erin
DirectorJohn Rosman
WriterJohn Rosman

In “New Life,” Sonya Walger leads as Elsa Gray, a seasoned fixer whose battle with ALS adds a heart-wrenching layer to her character.

Hayley Erin portrays Jessica Murdock, a mysterious figure fleeing from Elsa towards the Canadian border.

At first glance, it’s a simple chase between an ailing agent and her elusive target.

Nonetheless, Rosman’s storytelling turns the movie into more than just a thriller—it’s a deep dive into what it means to be alive when everything feels like it’s falling apart.

As scenes unfold, the tension escalates, thrusting both characters into a world where survival becomes crucial.

Elsa Gray is shown wearing a yellow protective suit in the trailer before embarking on a mission to find Jessica.

Journeying through the rugged mountains of the Pacific Northwest, she finally discovers Jessica in an old, deserted house.

To her shock, Jessica seems to be amidst a disturbing transformation, resembling something akin to a zombie.

Though Elsa is baffled by Jessica’s condition, she recognizes the urgent need to intervene and halt any change that threatens the safety of millions of lives.

The review team of Road To Peace Films believes the movie blends elements of mystery and horror and compels viewers to the edge of their seats.

Elsa Gray Hides Her Degenerative Condition From Everyone

Jessica is on the run, and Elsa, a once-top agent now battling ALS, is ordered to track her down.

Elsa keeps her illness a secret, hoping to prove herself and in the trailer, Elsa is seen struggling with her ALS while on the hunt.

She trembles as she tries to hold a pen in the car, and her hands shake as she aims a gun at Jessica.

Her battle with the disease adds an extra layer of tension to her mission to reclaim their lives, whether it’s from the grasp of others or the unfair grip of diseases.

Additional Information

  • “New Life” utilizes a mix of surveillance camera footage, official government transcripts, and social media posts to unveil the unsettling reality.
  • John Rosman received the 2023 Audience Choice Award for his movie New Life at the Heartland International Film Festival.
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