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Richard Gadd’s Ex-girlfriend Reece Lyons Felt Hurt And Expressed Her Feelings On Social Media

Producers questioned Richard Gadd for dating an actress who auditioned for hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer.

A Scottish actor, comedian, and writer, Richard Gadd is famous mainly for his 2024 Netflix series Baby Reindeer.

Baby Reindeer is based on his one-man show and real-life experience. It follows the story of Richard’s relationship with a female stalker and its impact on him. Let’s explore his real-life partner.


  • Richard Gadd dated Reece Lyons in 2021, but their relationship didn’t last long.
  • Reece tried to end their relationship prematurely due to concerns about mixing dates with the audition process.
  • Richard’s combination of a work opportunity and a dating dynamic hurt Reece’s feelings.

35 years old Richard Gadd was born in Wormit, Fife, Scotland, United Kingdom, on May 11, 1989.

Richard began his career as a comedian and has worked in various shows, including Breaking Gadd, Waiting for Gaddot, Monkey See Monkey Do, and Baby Reindeer.

As an actor, he starred opposite Daniel Mays in the 2017 BAFTA-nominated BBC Two single drama Against the Law.

His acting credit includes Sky Arts’s One Normal Night, BBC Three’s Clique, E4’s Tripped, and Sky One’s Code 404.

Nonetheless, as a screenwriter, he worked for Netflix’s Sex Education, Dave’s Ultimate Worrier, and Channel 4’s The Last Leg.

Richard Gadd Affairs With Reece Lyons And Her Concern For Audition

Richard Gadd, the creator and star of the hit Netflix series Baby Reindeer, briefly dated actress Reece Lyons in 2021.

Reece, who is transgender, auditioned for the role of Teri, Richard’s ex-girlfriend, in the show.

Richard is bisexual, and they met in October 2021 at the bar of London’s Bush Theatre after she had performed her one-woman show, “Overflow.”

He mentioned his upcoming Netflix show, which he had written, and discussed the role of his ex-girlfriend, a trans woman, with Reece.

She expressed interest in auditioning for the role and asked him to contact her agent.

They continued talking in their initial encounter, and after a week, he asked her for a date. They went on four dates between October and November 2021.

Conversations about a “Baby Reindeer” audition occurred during their dating period.

Afterward, Reece claimed that Richard pursued her during their affair despite her texting him to end things prematurely due to concerns about mixing dates with the audition process.

She went public with her experience on social media after Baby Reindeer premiered. However, she did not directly name Richard or reference the show but verified his identity.

Reece clarified that she did not consider herself a victim of abuse but felt hurt by his combining a work opportunity with a dating dynamic.

Baby Reindeer producer Clerkenwell Films investigated the situation and concluded that Richard had acted appropriately, although they did not interview Lyons.

He was ultimately cleared of any wrongdoing.

Baby Reindeer has gained immense popularity on Netflix, amassing 22 million views and becoming the streamer’s most-watched English-language TV show.

Additional Information

  • Waiting for Gaddot won the Scottish Comedy Award for Best Solo Show in 2016 and the Amused Moose Comedy Award in 2015.
  • The 6’1″ tall actress Reece Lyons was born in London on November 3, 1998.
  • Richard Gadd has an estimated net worth of $1 million.
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