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The Journey of Alice Braga As Amanda Lucas Exploring Parallel Universes With Jason Dessen in ‘Dark Matter’

Abducted into a different life, Jason Dessen finds his way back to his family with Amanda's support and battles his own double.

Amanda Lucas is a character played by a prominent Brazilian actress, Alice Braga, in the upcoming TV series Dark Matter.

Lucas is portrayed as a psychologist working with Jason Dessen (played by Joel Edgerton), the show’s main character.


  • Amanda, portrayed by Alice Braga, is a psychologist at Velocity Laboratory, playing a significant role in exploring parallel universes alongside the protagonist, Jason Dessen.
  • Amanda Lucas stands out as an intelligent and captivating character drawn to Jason.
  • Despite growing feelings for him, Amanda ultimately decides to part ways with him out of concern that her emotions might influence the universes they visit.

The show Dark Matter explores themes of parallel universes and alternate realities, with Lucas playing a significant role in this exploration.

It is shown that a physics professor, Jason, is abducted off the streets of Chicago and replaced by an alternative version of himself.

Amanda is the person Jason encounters in an alternate reality.

The trailer shows that she goes against her colleagues at the laboratory to free Jason when they hold him captive, as she is concerned for his well-being.

Let’s delve into Alice Braga’s portrayal of Amanda in Dark Matter and how her character evolves throughout the series.

Alice Braga as Amanda Lucas: The Multiverse Guide for Jason Dessen in ‘Dark Matter’


Dark Matter

Abducted into an alternate life, a man navigates a maze of possibilities to return to his real family and defeat a terrifying enemy: his own doppelgänger.


Drama Thriller Sci-Fi
Release DateMay 8, 2024
CastsJoel Edgerton
Jennifer Connelly
Oakes Fegley
Alice Braga
CreatorBlake Crouch
DirectorJakob Verbruggen

Amanda Lucas seems to be one of the key characters in the series, working closely with Jason Dessen and potentially helping him navigate the alternate reality he finds himself in.

Amanda, portrayed by Alice Braga, is a psychologist character working at the Velocity Laboratory, where the protagonist, Jason Dessen, is being held captive.

She stands out as a distinctive character due to her exclusive ability to traverse the multiverse alongside Jason.

Amanda enters Jason’s cell, informs him that Ryan (another character) is dead, and helps Jason escape by entering a mysterious “box” with him.

Through the box, they travel to different parallel universes using ampoules of a compound developed by Ryan, Amanda, and Jason.

Their shared experiences while traveling in universes bring them closer to the point where they almost engage in a romantic relationship.

Eventually, later this connection prompts Amanda to part ways with Jason.

She becomes concerned that her developing feelings for Jason might unconsciously influence the universes they visit.

Her intuition may have benefited, as Jason quickly finds his original universe shortly after they part ways.

But this leaves a significant question unanswered—where does Amanda ultimately land?

Returning home isn’t an option unless she desires a confrontation with the authorities at Velocity Labs.

Like Jason, who reunites with his family, Amanda is left to forge a fresh path in an uncertain realm. Hopefully, she will discover a fascinating new destination for herself.

Additional Information

  • Alice Braga Moraes, who played Amanda Lucas in Dark Matter, was born on April 15, 1983.
  • Braga has made significant contributions to Brazilian cinema, earning acclaim for her roles in films like City of God (2002) and Lower City (2005).
  • Her breakthrough into international fame came with her role opposite Will Smith in I Am Legend (2007).
  • She has become a recognizable figure in Hollywood, and she has been featured in various notable films, including Repo Men and Predators (both 2010), The Rite (2011), and Elysium (2013).
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