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Nash Aguas’s Parents, Cinneth Victoriano And Allan Aguas, Marriage Fall Apart

Cinneth Victoriano and Allan Aguas, have played a significant role in shaping Nash's journey.

Nash Aguas, a Filipino actor, real estate investor, politician, and entrepreneur, married his longtime girlfriend, Mika Dela Cruz. They confirmed their relationship in 2018.

Although Nash Aguas’s parents were separated, they have always supported his career journey. Let’s explore more about his family details.


  • Nash Aguas’s parents, Cinneth Victoriano And Allan Aguas, are not in showbiz and prefer to stay out of the public eye.
  • His parents separated because of his father’s extended time in the United States.
  • The Filipino actor had to step up to be a father to his sister and mommy when his father wasn’t around.

25 years old Nash Aguas was born in Cavite City, Philippines, on October 10, 1998.

He is a multi-talented individual who has made a name for himself in various fields.

Nash made his television debut at age 5 on the noontime variety show MTB.

Later, he joined ABS-CBN’s talent search Star Circle Quest, where he won the title “Grand Kid Questor” and several special awards.

In 2021, Nash ran for a seat in the Cavite City Council during the 2022 elections and won.

Nash Aguas’s Parents Prefer To Stay Out Of The Public Eye

Cinneth Victoriano and Allan Aguas are the biological parents of Nash Aguas. They named him Aeign Zackrey Nash Victoriano Aguas.

His parents are not in showbiz, and little is known about his family background. He grew up with his younger sister, Chloe.

However, the Filipino actor has shared in some interviews that his parents separated. He spoke about his parent’s divorce,

Of course, it’s sad… But maybe those who have experienced it or will experience it, just trust. Because at the end of the day, you will know why it was experienced Lord, that’s yours.

He claimed that his father’s extended time overseas, often in the United States, contributed to the breakdown of their marriage.

Nash had to step up to be a father to his sister and mommy when his father wasn’t around.

Besides this, the young actor remained reserved about the reason behind his parent’s divorce.

He stated that, in spite of the difficulties his family faced, he would rather concentrate on the good influence it had on the formation of his personality.

The 25 years old actor added,

If I hadn’t experienced that, maybe I would be just like other young people who don’t care about family or just party after party, without a sense of responsibility.

Additional Information

  • Nash Aguas voiced the main character, Joey Jones, in the 2011 Tagalog-dubbed version of the anime series Heroman.
  • 1.70m tall Filipino actor is a member of the Lakas-CMD political party.
  • He is a Meridian International Business, Arts, and Technology (or MINT) College sophomore.
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