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Is Maggie Bell On FBI Pregnant? Missy Peregrym Exit News Shocked Everyone

Maggie Bell’s pregnancy rumors are not because of the series’ plot but the actor Missy Peregrym’s possible exit news.

A huge bombshell has been dropped! The iconic Maggie Bell was shot on the latest episode of the crime drama television series FBI.

Key Takeaways

  • Missy Peregrym previously took maternity leave from the FBI twice, and many believe she could take another one soon.
  • Maggie Bell’s exit scare came after she was shot on the show’s latest episode.
  • Maggie Bell’s future is unknown, making fans worry and conjure various scenarios online.

The beloved character has come a long way since losing her husband, Jason Bell. However, her high emotional IQ and instincts in the field and the interrogation room make her a valuable asset to the team.

Detective Bell remains integral to the Bureau as season 6 unravels with new plot twists. So, imagine fans’ surprise when she had a death scare with just three episodes remaining.

Maggie Bell Pregnancy Rumors Stem From Missy Peregrym’s Real-Life Pregnancies

Amidst several speculations, one is Bell’s real-life actor Missy Peregrym’s supposed pregnancy. To those unaware, Missy previously took some time off from the show for maternity leave.

The actress’ first short hiatus came during season 2 when she announced her first baby. The series’ plot showed Maggie on an undercover mission at that time.

The next time, Detective Bell disappeared briefly from the screen to recuperate from a deadly poisonous gas attack in the hospital. Missy was pregnant with her second child then.

The question remains: is Maggie Bell’s exit scare linked to Missy Peregrym’s third pregnancy? While there has been no confirmation, the rumor mill has been churning out various possible scenarios.

Maggie Bell’s Brushed Shoulders With Death In Episode 10

FBI detectives are put to the test with each new case. Time is running low, and the elite unit, including Bell, must do everything they can to crack the case and ensure the safety of NYC residents.

On the April 23 EP, Family Affair, the FBI teams come across the case of a pregnant woman, Denise. Her cult leader dad is adamant about making her abort her unborn child.

Maggie, OA (Zeeko Zaki), and Stuart Scola (John Boyd) arrive at Denise’s house to rescue her. Amidst the rescue mission, a guard fatally shoots Bell, making her slump down the floor.

Thankfully, the lady cleverly took the guard off-guard and popped him. Back in the car, OA notes it was a close call, and Maggie also fearfully recounts her death scare.

Later, OB hints about giving Bell some time off at the office. As season six nears its end, Maggie may say goodbye to the franchise.

Additional Information About Missy Peregrym

  • Missy Peregrym’s character, Maggie Bell, shares a solid bond with OA, sparking rumors of them being more than partners.
  • Missy Peregrym is bilingual and fluent in French and English.
  • The FBI star shares daughter Mela and son Otis with her husband, Tom Oakley.
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