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Phyllis Logan Being Nathan Stewart-Jarrett Wife Couldn’t Be Farther From Truth

The search for Nathan Stewart-Jarrett wife has borne many results, including one where he is linked to actress Phyllis Logan. It’s unknown whether that news should be a joke or just some unfounded rumor.

Revenge is served sizzling hot in the British thriller Femme. It explores the story of homophobia and a well-planned revenge.

Key Takeaways

  • Nathan Stewart-Jarrett is rumored to be in a relationship with big names in the industry.
  • While Nathan Stewart-Jarrett has not confirmed his relationship with the women he has been linked with, the fact itself speaks.
  • The actor performed brilliantly as a drag artist in the British thriller Femme.

However, the lines between an attacker and victim turn blur somewhere down the middle, and something unexpected happens. Femme is more than a revenge story; it keeps audiences on tenterhooks while awaiting the grand finale.

The movie centers around Preston (George MacKay) and Jules (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett). Both men were phenomenal in portraying their characters that couldn’t be further from their real-life personas.

Warning: This article contains major spoilers of Femme.

Nathan Stewart-Jarrett Wife Remains Mysterious Amidst Various Rumors

Following Nathan’s blockbuster success from Femme, the spotlight has shifted to his personal affairs, including his marital status.

While the guy has yet to disclose his partner, he has already been rumored to be in a relationship with several known names in the film sector.

One such hilarious speculation is Phyllis Logan being Nathan Stewart-Jarrett’s wife. One site claims the pair married in 2008.

In actuality, the Scottish actress’ husband is Pirates of the Caribbean actor Kevin McNally. The couple welcomed their son, David McNally, in 1996 and married in 2011.

Nathan is not married to actress Sarah-Jane Potts either. The latter tied the knot with her husband, Joseph Millson, in 2013.

To summarize, the Femme star has preferred silence over disclosing his relationship status. Given the lack of details of his love life, he could be single.

Nathan Stewart Jarrett’s Femme Fatale Character Sets The Tone Of Femme

Femme begins with drag artist Aphrodite Banks (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett) performing at a queer nightclub in East London. Banks is a vision with her makeup, waterfall of braids, and Amazonian height.

Off stage, Aphrodite is Jules, a femme with no filter or fear. This attitude leads him to get attacked by Preston and his gang outside.

And then begins the story of revenge, seduction, and power.

Jules discovers Preston is a closeted gay and is determined to blow off his cover. However, he never expected to fall for his attacker’s bullish machismo.

The duo is constantly pulled back and forth in this dynamics of dominance and submission. At one point, it seems Jules abandoned his revenge plan of exposing Preston.

Sadly, the movie’s finale sees Jules proudly discussing his grand plan in his drag performance, where Preston is in attendance. The pair have a heartbreaking confrontation and a brawl in a parking lot.

Additional Information About Nathan Stewart-Jarrett

  • Nathan Stewart-Jarrett was born on December 4, in Wandsworth, London.
  • The actor studied at the Central School of Speech and Drama.
  • Stewart-Jarrett rose to prominence as Curtis in Misfits in 2009.
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