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Rosalie Overcame Her Unpleasant Past And Found Peace With Bella In Twilight

In the Twilight series, Rosalie Hale, whom Bella perceives as the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model, had a distasteful past, and somehow, she accepted the whirls of unfateful transformation into a vampire.

Rosalie Hale, portrayed by Nikki Reed, was a born beauty to a housewife mother and a banker father who was the sole breadwinner during the Great Depression era in the 20th century.


  • Rosalie felt she lacked spark with her fiance, Royce when she visited her friend Vera and noticed her lovey-dovey relationship with her husband and newly born child.
  • On her way home, she met Royce and his mates, who sexually assaulted and mutilated her mercilessly
  • In a conversation with Bella, Rosalie said she was merely left with alternatives to transform into the Vampire, while Bella had wills before transforming into it.

Having an extremely ravishing demeanor escorted her personality to be selfish, self-absorbed, and materialistic in the future.

Rosalie always longed to have a family of her own to the extent that she raged in jealousy whenever she met her best friend, Vera, and a newlyborn baby.

However, the befitting circumstances led her to leave a soulless flesh and breathe in the mythical folklore of vampires.

Warning: This Post Contains Spoiler

Rosalie’s Fiance Left Her To Decease On The Street

Once, Rosalie’s mom asked her to take lunch to her dad’s work so the rich guy’s son, Royce, might notice her.

Eventually, he did and started sending her flowers to woo her. They got engaged but couldn’t cast a love spell on one another.

A week before the wedding, Rosalie visited her friend Vera and saw how much love Vera had in her life, which she lacked with Royce.

On the way back home, she met his intoxicated fiance, who dragged her into the circle of his drunk friends.

While bragging about Rosalie’s beauty, Royce and his mates sexually assaulted and mutilated her before leaving her to have her last breath on the street.

Thankfully, Carlisle found Rosalie on the brink of demise and turned her into a vampire, much to Edward‘s dismay.

Rosalie woke up to a heated discussion with the Cullen family and felt conflicted about her new life. Still, she had no hesitation in taking dramatic revenge against Royce and his friends.

Rosalie Rekindled Relationship With Bella Following The Birth Of Renesmee Cullen

In the Midnight Sun franchise, she took Bella’s life to secure the family secret after Edward heroically saved her from Tyler Crowley’s van, but Cullens disapproved of it.

With time and haste, Rosalie began to count on Bella as the Cullen family member. For instance, she stepped in to assist Bella’s hairdo for the wedding in The Breaking Dawn franchise.

Additionally, she shielded Bella when she was expecting her first child with Edward, and everyone suggested aborting the baby.

Rosalie wanted to help Bella have children because she couldn’t have her own, and she had longed to have a family of her own all her life.

During Bella’s agonizing delivery, Rosalie tried to be a helping hand, but the massive amount of blood overwhelmed her, and she lost control.

Once she regained enough control, she took the baby away to give Edward free hands in the transformation of Bella into a vampire.

After Bella became a vampire, Rosalie cared for Renesmee as if she were her child and started to see Bella as part of the family because they shared a bond with the child.

She used to argue with Jacob Black over whose turn it was to feed her, and she found joy in dressing up with Renesmee and Alice. Renesmee always appreciated her gentle touch when she combed her hair.

Rosalie even feared for Renesmee’s life when Bella’s child was mistaken for an immortal being by Volturi, so she ran off to accumulate witnesses in her favor.

Additional Information

  • Rosalie asked her adoptive father, Carlisle Cullen, to turn Emmett into a vampire after she rescued him from the wild bear.
  • She married her husband, Emmett, one more time when the Cullens family migrated away from the Forks.
  • Rosalie said she left Royce until the end on purpose because she wanted him to hear about his friend’s demise and realize what was coming for him. She hoped the fear would intensify his final moments.
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