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Seamus Gallagher And Seán O’Shea Have Strained Father-Son Relation In The Netflix’s Bodkin

Seamus' Love for Fiona Takes an Unexpected Turn.

In the 2024 mystery series Bodkin, the protagonists, Seamus Gallagher, and Sean O’Shea, are related by blood, i.e., they are father and son.

The story comes in motion as a group of podcasters set out on an operation to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of three residents of a peaceful Irish town.


  • “Bodkin” is a 2024 mystery series filled with unexpected twists and turns. It emphasizes the investigation done to preserve the peace in an Irish town.
  • Seamus and Sean, though related by blood, have a strained relationship. Sean struggles to accept Seamus as his biological father due to Seamus’s violent past and illegal activities.
  • Seamus was overjoyed to learn that Sean was his son, but they couldn’t have a peaceful gathering.
Bodkin Official Trailer

As the plot continues, they discover different improbabilities and unexpected twists and turns on their way.

Due to the captivating storyline and appealing cliffhangers at the end of each episode, viewers often believe the series to be based on a true story.

However, it is just a fictional story that is written really well.

This series includes the romantic involvement of Fiona and Seamus, followed by Fiona’s disappearance from Shepard’s Grove and hiding at Mrs. O’Shea’s house.

Seamus eventually discerns this, which leads to a tragic twist.


Bodkin (2024)

The series tells the tale of podcasters embarking on a journey to uncover the mystery behind the disappearance of three people in a picturesque Irish town.


Drama Thriller Comedy
Released DateMay 9, 2024
CastsSiobhan Cullen
Robyn Cara
Will Forte
CreatorJez Scharf
DirectorsBronwen Hughes
Nash Edgerton
Johnny Allan
Paddy Breathnach

Sean O’Shea Refused To Accept Seamus Gallagher As His Biological Father

Chris Walley plays Sean O’Shea, the driver of Flemish dive instructor Bodkin and a black market smuggler.

He was raised by Edna O’Shea, who he knew was his adoptive mother.

However, Sean grew up believing that he had been adopted from Romania. Therefore, he has been obsessed with Romania and Romanians since then.

Consequently, he dreamed of going to Romania, unaware that the stories he was told when he was young were lies.

In addition, Sean was professionally associated with Seamus, and they were business partners.

As they worked together, Sean was aware of Seamus’ dark sides and violent tendencies.

Additionally, he knew everything about his illegal dealings; thus, it was harder for him to accept that someone like Seamus was his biological father, completely different from what he had imagined.

Provided that Seamus lacked self-control and the attitude that children expect their parents to have, Sean had an negative reaction when he discovered that his biological father was none other than Seamus.

Seamus Gallagher Was In the Dark Just Like His Son

Seamus Gallagher, the smuggler, also found out only later in life that Sean, whom he had known closely, was actually his son.

Seamus fell for Fiona while hiding from other smugglers. Then, she became pregnant with his child.

However, she chose to keep this fact confidential from Seamus, considering his history and impulsive attitude.

In the series’ climax, Seamus finally discovers the truth, which makes him overwhelmingly happy, unlike his son.

Nonetheless, their reactions clashed, and the incident that could have been memorable turned into a gunfight, during which Sean accidentally lost his thumb.

Additional Information

  • Seamus Gallagher’s old name was Jack McFadden, aka The Badger, but he changed it as he got into the wrong side of threatening people and eventually had to lie low for some time.
  • Sean’s biological mother, Fiona, passed away after giving birth to him.
  • Seamus tried to escape the raft at the end of the series, and the dead body was not spotted anywhere. Thus, it is presumed that he did not pass away.


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